General Registration Information

 Trails West Community Hockey U7 - U18

 All registrations accepted if prior to August 16

A valid Respect in Sport - Parent Certification is required for every registrant.  If Respect in Sport (Parent) was taken in 2018 or prior, it has expired and re-certification for the 2023-2024 season will be required. Log into your Hockey Canada Registry 3.0 (Spordle) account or your Respect in Sport-Parent account to verify status of your certification.

"Participant Email" - This should be the email address that will be the main email address for all TWHA communication (including emails regarding evaluations). This email is considered your TeamSnap Roster Email and can be different than your TeamSnap Account Email that you use to login to TeamSnap.

Required for verification purposes at the beginning of registration.  You will be unable to continue registration unless this verification is successful. Please refer to TWHA's How Do I Find My Hockey Canada ID document for help.

Refer to 2023-2024 Age Divisions for assistance on what age is considered what age division.

Applies to only U13 to U21 registrants and U11 designated Goaltenders. Options are Forward, Defence or Goaltender.  U7-U9 and U11 player registrants can leave this question blank or choose Player.

NEW - Hockey Canada is requiring additional information about the participant at time of registration. There are drop-down menu options to choose from, including prefer not to say. Hockey Canada required questions include: Province / Gender / Ethnicity / Indigenous Group / Birth Country.

TWHA, Hockey Calgary and Hockey Canada waivers, acknowledgements and agreements of policies and consent will be required to be read and accepted during the registration process.  Please take the time to review each of these waivers and policies.

TWHA Volunteer Bond Agreement
TWHA Game Jersey Replacement Agreement
TWHA Waiver & Privacy Policy
TWHA Refund Policy
TWHA Code of Conduct
TWHA Media Release Waiver
Hockey Calgary Consent to Post or Publish Player Information
Hockey Calgary Consent to Receive Communication from Hockey Calgary
Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation Communication Waiver
Hockey Canada Registration Waivers  (Privacy Policy/Agreement/Waiver)

The Hockey Canada Player Medical Information Sheet will be required to be completed, signed and uploaded to continue with the registration process. It is a PDF fillable form but can be downloaded and manually completed as well.

This policy allows registrants in the U11 age division the opportunity to participate as both a ‘skater’ and a ‘goaltender’. There will be a question on the registration form that asks if your participant is interested in this position. Please review the Hockey Calgary U11 Hybrid Goalie Policy and the TWHA U11 Hybrid Goalie Policy for an overview and expectations of the policy prior to registration.

For details on the registration fee options available for Elite Tryout players, please see the below section Elite Tryouts.

Please indicate if a U15 / U18 participant is interested in body-checking.  Should a participant change their mind after registration, please contact the TWHA Administrator or the appropriate Age Group Coordinator (U15 AGC / U18 AGC).

IMPORTANT: This information will be used during evaluations however, it does not guarantee the participant a spot on a body-checking team. A participant must earn their placement through evaluations to a body-checking Tier 1 - 3 team.


Trails West, home of the Trails West Wolves, is the provider of Minor Hockey programs for the following communities:

Aspen Woods, Christie Park, Coach Hill, Patterson Heights, Rosscarrock, Signal Hill, Springbank Hill, Discovery Ridge, Strathcona Park, Westgate and Wildwood.  Anyone residing in this area wanting to participate in Minor Hockey programs must register with Trails West.

Hockey Calgary Boundary Maps

Registration Fees

Community Hockey 2023-2024 Season Fees

Birth YearAge RangeProgramJun 15 - Jul 31Aug 1 Onwards
2017-20194-6Learn to Skate$420$420
2017-20185-6U7 $835$835
2013-20149-10U11 $1325$1,425
U11 Goaltender$665$775
U11 Hybrid Goaltender*$995
2011-201211-12U13 $1435$1,535
U13 Goaltender$1290$1390
U15 Goaltender$1360$1460
2006-200815-17U18 $1510$1,610
U18 Goaltender$1360$1460
2003-200518-20Junior C$1050$1050

*U11 Hybrid Goaltenders will be required to pay the regular U11 fee upon registration.  The discounted fee will be provided in the form of a refund after all U11 registrants have been rostered in the Hockey Canada Registry.

Payment Options

Option 1 – Payment in Full *default option

Make a one time full payment at time of registration. At TeamSnap checkout the pay by instalments button defaults to "off". Your order summary will reflect one payment so please verify this is what you want prior to submitting payment.

Option 2 – Instalment Plan

  • Depending upon date of initial registration, you can make up to 4 payments on this plan with fees divided into equal payments. Every month after registration opens reduces the number of instalment payments available.
  • Instalment payments, except the first instalment due at checkout, will be processed on July 15, August 15 and September 15.
  • If registration occurs on or after July 15, the deposit payment (first instalment) and any prior dated instalment payments will be required at checkout (ie. register July 30, two instalment payments will be required at checkout, after August 16, three instalment payments will be required).
  • At TeamSnap checkout, the pay by instalments button defaults to "off" so you must click the button to "on". Your order summary will be adjusted to reflect each instalment payment date and amount. Please make note of this information.

IMPORTANT: Please verify your checkout total BEFORE you click submit payment to ensure it is what you expect it to be, either full payment or instalment payment.

All members must be fully paid by September 15, 2023

Registering after closing date of August 15 will only be considered if player numbers permit, and will be subject to a $250 late fee (U9-U18) or $100 (WCHL). Full payment will be required at time of registration.

Registration Fee Receipts are available on your TeamSnap dashboard for one year only from the date of completed registration.  Log into TeamSnap on a desktop version (web version, not mobile app). Look under "My Registrations" for Trails West Hockey Association and scroll to the bottom to "View Receipt". If you require a receipt, it is advisable to print the receipt after you have completed registration.

IMPORTANT: Only the person who registered the player will have access to the payment/receipt details.

Detailed TWHA TeamSnap Registration Receipt Instructions with screen shots.

Volunteer Bond

Trails West is a volunteer driven, not for profit association that relies on the contribution of our members to both maintain a minimum cost profile and generate a collective sense of community in our organization. We are encouraging our members to come forward and help out to benefit our players and our association as a whole.

Details on the Volunteer Bond can be found on our website under Members-Volunteers.

During registration, the registrant will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the TWHA Volunteer Bond and will have the option to pay the volunteer bond of $250 per player if they do not plan to volunteer during the season.

Financial Assistance

There are various financial assistance programs available for TWHA players whose families face financial barriers to participating in hockey.

If you intend to apply for financial assistance from any of the below noted programs, please contact TWHA’s Administrator prior to registering as you may also be eligible for a revised registration fee payment plan for registration fees. It is the responsibility of the registrant to apply for financial assistance.

During registration, there will be an optional question “Financial Assistance Only: I will be applying for the Flames Even Strength Program”. This option will apply a credit of $700, the maximum amount of financial assistance that may be received through FESP.  By selecting this option, you agree that you believe you are eligible for this financial assistance and intend to apply for FESP.  Should you not receive the maximum financial assistance as adjusted, you also agree to be responsible for the remaining fees owing and to work with the TWHA Administrator regarding payment. The default at checkout is the instalment plan and the balance owing will be divided equally among the instalments so the balance will be paid in full by November 15.

Financial assistance for fees

  • Flames EvenStrength Program (FESP) Note: Deadline for submitting applications is October 15 – please apply early!  Applications must be submitted on-line directly to Hockey Calgary. Trails West is not privy to any financial information provided. Maximum assistance is $700 per player.  IMPORTANT:  Any funding requests submitted for a player that is not actively registered for the upcoming season will be DENIED as not registered. FESP applications are per child.
  • Hockey Canada Assist Fund  - $500 / player
  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart  - $300 / player
  • Ken and Beryl Knudtsen Memorial Spirit Fund (part of Trails West's own assistance program)
  • TWHA Financial Assistance - $250 / player  
  • Grindstone Award Foundation - a registered charity that provides financial assistance for young female hockey players who have desire to play but are unable to for financial reasons - 2023-2024 season grant applications open May 1, 2023

Financial assistance for equipment

You can apply for both financial assistance for fees and equipment costs. All programs attempt to help as many children as possible. In order to achieve this, you may not be approved for the amount that you request. Final approval of the amount that you request may be reduced due to budgets and demand. All details are held in strict confidence.

To apply for financial assistance through Trails West, please click on the Application for TWHA Financial Assistance to the left and email the completed form to the TWHA Administrator.


New Trails West Wolves Members

Welcome to Trails West!  This information is for new TWHA Members - players entirely new to hockey, and players transferring from another minor hockey association.


Player has never registered in minor hockey before and lives within Trails West boundaries


Player has Hockey Canada Hockey ID number and is transferring to Trails West from another minor hockey association.

Respect in Sport–Parent

Hockey Calgary requires every player registered for minor hockey to have a valid Respect in Sport – Parent certificate associated with the player's Hockey Canada profile. As Hockey Calgary is committed to creating a positive hockey experience for all, they provide this convenient online course for hockey parents through the Respect in Sport program.  This 1 hour online program is designed to reinforce a parent’s role in a child’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviours, and empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child's fun and camaraderie of the activity.

If Respect in Sport-Parent was taken in 2018-2019 season (May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019) or prior, it has now expired and will need to be re-certified for the 2023-2024 season.

Important: If Respect in Sport-Parent is taken after May 1, 2021, the validity period is 4 hockey seasons. This also applies if siblings are added to a Respect in Sport-Parent account after May 1, 2021.

To begin the Hockey Alberta Respect in Sport

Please review the TWHA RIS-Parent New User Guide for assistance in setting up a RIS account, adding your child(ren) and accessing the program.

To begin the Hockey Alberta Respect in Sport-Parent program, please visit the Hockey Alberta Respect in Sport for Parents website.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to select "Trails West" as the organization and not Calgary Trails West Jr C or Calgary (search filter Trails, not Trails West).

To re-certify
To transfer (Import)
To add a child
To verify you have a valid Respect in Sport

Note : There is a $12 + GST payment required prior to accessing the program.  Trails West and Hockey Calgary do NOT have a pre-registration code. Please pay the required fee.



Ensure that your child(ren) are properly associated with your Respect in Sport profile under Child Management. This information must be correct for your certification to be associated with your child(ren)’s Hockey Canada Hockey ID number in the Hockey Canada Registry.  This may require you to edit your child's profile here and match their name and date of birth to their Hockey Canada Hockey ID in the Hockey Canada Registry. 

If you have any issues with your Respect in Sport username or password, please visit the Respect Group Customer Support Portal.


Refunds for all programs will be reimbursed to the credit card most recently used in the registration process. Late fees are non-refundable.


  • Subject to TWHA Board Review;
  • Full refund of Regular Registration Fee less $50, less portion of season missed

U7 to U18

  • Prior to Evaluations:  Full refund of Regular Registration Fee less $50 admin fee
  • After Player’s First Skate in Evaluations, Prior to Team assignment:  50% refund of Regular Registration Fee less $50 admin fee
  • After Player’s Second Skate in Evaluations, Prior to Team assignment (unless due to illness/injury):  25% refund of Regular Registration Fee less $50 admin fee
  • After Team Assignment, refund requests due to illness/injury only, and: Subject to TWHA Board Review; Not to exceed full refund of Regular Registration Fee less $100 admin fee, less 10% of full fee, less portion of season missed
  • After Team Assignment, no illness or injury:  No refund permitted

*If player has been rostered to a team, the admin fee will be $100 to cover Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta Fees.


  • Full refund of Regular Registration Fee prior to season team formation, prorated if drafted mid-season.

To request a refund, please complete and sign the applicable refund request form below and email the form to the TWHA Administrator.

TWHA Refund Request Form for Registration
TWHA Refund Request Form for Learn to Skate
TWHA Refund Request Form for Pre-Season Camp

Elite Tryout (Calgary Royals and Calgary Fire)

All U13, U15 and U18 players who intend to try out for the Calgary Royals (CRAA) or Calgary Fire (AAA/AA) must be registered with Trails West as well as the Calgary Royals or Calgary Fire for the 2023-2024 Season. During Trails West registration, there will be a required question “Is your player trying out for Elite Hockey with the Calgary Royals or Calgary Fire?”.  Here are the options to choose from:


Option 1: Yes - Pay U13/U15/U18 Registration Fee (Royals/Fire Tryout) You will be required to pay the regular registration fee either in full at time of registration or using the instalment plan. Late fees will apply as usual if you register using this option and are non-refundable. Should your player be drafted to the Royals/Fire, a full refund of the regular registration fee paid will be issued by credit card to you upon our receipt of confirmation of their draft.

Option 2: No (Royals/Fire Tryout)


Option 1: Yes – Adjust U15/U18 Registration Fee (Royals/Fire Tryout) This option will credit the regular registration fee so that no regular registration fee is required to be paid at registration checkout if registration is made prior to August 15 (however, late fees will apply).  If we receive confirmation that the player has been released by the Calgary Royals/Fire and is returning to play with Trails West, the full program regular registration fee will be added to the player’s registration. To pay, login to your TeamSnap account and click “My Registrations” and then the “pay now” button next to 2023-2024 TWHA Registration. The balance owing must be paid in FULL prior to the player’s first skate with Trails West.

New for 2023-2024: Due to the different fee structure for U13-U18 goaltenders, the player and goaltender fee and adjust amounts are different! Check that you have selected the Adjust Fee option to be the same as the Registration Fee option selected so there is no balance owing.

Option 2: Yes - Pay U13/U15/U18 Registration Fee (Royals/Fire Tryout) You will be required to pay the registration fee either in full at time of registration or using the instalment plan. Late fees will apply as usual if you register using this option and are non-refundable. Should your player be drafted to the Royals or Fire, a full refund of the regular registration fee paid will be issued by credit card to you upon our receipt of confirmation of their draft.

Option 3: No (Royals/Fire Tryout).

IMPORTANT: Trails West registration does NOT register your player with the Calgary Royals or Calgary Fire for their try-outs.  You must register your player separately for elite Try-Outs using the registration link on the Royals or GHC website. Players who have not registered with the Calgary Royals or GHC before must have their Hockey Canada profile shared with the respective organization prior to registering with them. Please contact the Calgary Royals Administrator or the GHC Elite VP for assistance.

Should your player return to Trails West and they were not previously registered with Trails West under the above noted registration options, there is no guarantee they will be accepted by Trails West and a late registration fee of $250 will apply if accepted.

If you are unsure how to register as a Elite player, please contact the TWHA AdministratorCalgary Royals Administrator or the GHC Administrator.

Junior C (U21)

Fees for 2023-2024 season: $1050

Junior C Head Coach: Francesco Marasco

Junior C Coordinator: Julian Midgley    


Junior C Structure

Registration is required to try-out for the Junior team.  Participants must earn their spot on the team as registration does not guarantee a spot. Players or goaltenders can only try-out with one Junior team at a time and must be released from that team before registering/trying out with another Junior team. This applies to Junior B and Junior C teams. Please review the TWHA Jr C Information Sheet noted below for more information.

Junior players NEW TO TRAILS WEST or TRANSFERRING from another association

Please email TWHA Administrator with your full name, Hockey Canada ID number and/or your date of birth.  A request to transfer your Hockey Canada profile from your previous association will need to be made and approved prior to you registering with Trails West.

EXISTING Trails West players new to Junior C 

Please go ahead and register at the "Junior C / U21" link at the top of this page.

Respect in Sport- Parent

A valid certificate is required as part of a player’s registration and the player will not be allowed to evaluate until this requirement has been met. Please review Trails West's Respect In Sport-Parent section for further instructions and how to check if your RIS-Parent certificate is valid.  Junior players are encouraged to complete this certification themselves.

2023-2024 Season Information

TWHA Jr C Information Sheet

Hockey Calgary Junior C Season Timeline - DRAFT

Tentative Practice Ice Times

Fridays - 9:45 PM to 11:00 PM - Flames Community Arenas

September Ice Times

Date DOW Start End Duration
Junior C 2023-09-08 FRI 9:45 PM 11:00 PM 75 Flames Community - Gold
Junior C 2023-09-15 FRI 9:45 PM 11:00 PM 75 Flames Community - Gold
Junior C 2023-09-22 FRI 9:45 PM 11:00 PM 75 Flames Community - Gold
Junior C 2023-09-29 FRI 9:45 PM 11:00 PM 75 Flames Community - Red


This form (Junior C) is for players aged 18-20 years old only.

After September 8, 2023 (when evaluations begin), if interested in trying-out, please contact the Trails West Jr C Head Coach at to discuss team opportunities before reaching out to the TWHA Administrator



Trails West Hockey Association

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