Trails West is using Sign Up Genius for association volunteer opportunities that are available throughout the season such as pre-skates, evaluations, and other association directed events.  Sign Up Genius may also be used at the team level once teams have been formed an a Team Volunteer Ambassador has been determined.

Volunteers are not required to have a Sign Up Genius account to sign up to volunteer.

All association related sign ups are available on the TWHA Sign Up Genius Portal Page which can be found on the TWHA website under Members-Volunteer Sign Up.

Volunteer Opportunities will be posted as they become available.

Thank you for volunteering!


Overview: The volunteer bond requirement will be for all members to contribute a minimum amount of volunteer time throughout the hockey season. The purpose is to ensure a more equitable distribution of volunteering across the association in effort to provide a higher and more consistent level of programming.  Please CLICK HERE to see a list of all VACANT volunteer positions. 


The volunteer bond commitment will be as follows:

Age DivisionRequired # of Credits PER PLAYER (to a maximum of 4 credits per family)

  • Ex. If you have a U7 and a U9 player, you must complete 3 credits. 
  • Ex. If you have a U15 and a U18 player you must complete 4 credits. 
  • Ex. If you have a U9, a U11, & a U13 player, you must complete the 4 credit maximum

Value: Members who do not complete their allotted numbers of credits will be invoiced for $250 at the end of the season on March 31, 2025.  For those members choosing to not volunteer, there is an option to pay $250 up front during the registration process.  Completing this payment implies consent to share your decision to not volunteer with your Team Volunteer Ambassador.  If you have pre-paid the volunteer bond and subsequently choose to fulfill your volunteer requirements throughout the season, your volunteer deposit will be refunded to you at the end of the season. 

Considerations to Note:

  • There will be no differentiation between team and association volunteer time.  Credits can be earned either at the team or association level. 
  • Credits cannot be carried over to future seasons.
  • Families with more than one registered player can acquire their total volunteer credits from any Trails West team or association volunteer activity.


Association volunteering credits can be earned in the following roles ONLY:

Volunteer RoleCredit Value
Board Member
Age Group Coordinator4
Hockey Calgary League Chair4
Labour Day Jamboree Coordinator4
Trails West Cup Coordinator4
15 Cup / U18 Couture Cup Coordinator4
Volunteer Coordinator*4
Safety Coordinator4
Apparel / Logo Coodinator4
Casino Coodinator4
Evaluations Catering Coordinator4
Pre-Season Camp Coordinator4
Equipment Manager4
Goaltending Coordinator4
Goaltending Administrator4
Managers Coordinators4
Picture Day Coordinator4
Social Media Coordinator4
Coach Development Administrator4
Casino Volunteer - 1 shift3
Conditioning Camp Check In - 6 shifts1
Evaluation Check In - 6 shifts1
Evaluation Food Delivery - 6 shifts1
U15/U18 Body Checking Camp Check In - 6 shifts1
Picture Day Helper - 1 day shift1
Equipment Manager Assistant - 6 shifts1
Clipboard Evaluator (non-coach) - 6 shifts1

Team volunteering credits can be earned in the following roles ONLY:

Volunteer RoleCredit Value
Head Coach4
Assistant Coach4
Volunteer Ambassador / Box Scheduler**2
Tournament Coordinator 2
Safety Ambassador2
Community Volunteer Event Planner:
-Food Bank
-Hockey Kids Helping Kids
-Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids
Social Coordinator1
Score Clock, Scoresheet, Penalty Box, Music:
6 shifts = 1 Credit

  • Please note that shifts such as helping in the equipment room, evaluation check in or food delivery, & manning the score clock, scoresheet, penalty box, and music do NOT need to be consecutive.   You will get 1 volunteer credit for signing up and completing 6 shifts regardless of when they occur during the season.

*The Volunteer Coordinator 

  • Key volunteer role at the association level 
  • Hold a Zoom training session for all Team Volunteer Ambassadors at the beginning of the season
  • Educate Team Volunteer Ambassadors about available volunteer roles for team members
  • Liaise with Team Volunteer Ambassadors to answer questions and provide support
  • Cascade new volunteer opportunities to the Team Volunteer Ambassadors as they present

**The Team Volunteer Ambassador

  • Volunteer role at the team level
  • Oversee and track team member volunteer credits
  • Create a schedule for the Game Clock, Scoresheet, Penalty Box, and Music Volunteers at the beginning of the season 
  • Initial schedule must include ONLY team members who are not already in key volunteer roles that fully satisfy their commitment.
  • Assignments must be given to box helpers in batches of 6 games at a time, to ensure 1 credit is earned for each assignment. These shifts do not need to be consecutive. 
  • Once ALL members of a team have fully satisfied their credits, then the box duties can be spread out among team members.
  • The Trails West Volunteer Coordinator will work with the Team Volunteer Ambassador to ensure they understand this assigning method
  • End of season - provide a list of team members who have not completed their volunteer credits to the Association Volunteer Coordinator

Agreement: During registration, the registrant will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the TWHA Volunteer Bond. CLICK HERE to see a copy of the Volunteer Bond Agreement.

Contact: TWHA Volunteer Coordinator:  Lauren Bartlette at volunteer@trailswesthockey.com


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