We are a volunteer driven, not for profit association that relies on the contribution of our members to both maintain a minimum cost profile and generate a collective sense of community in our organization. We are encouraging our members to come forward and help out to benefit our players and our association as a whole.

Volunteer positions include but are not limited to Board Directors, Age Group Coordinators, Coaches, Team Managers, Evaluators, Key Volunteers and other various roles at both the association and team level.

For a list of current association level volunteers, please visit About Us-Board of Directors/Volunteers.

Any vacant association level volunteer roles are noted on the above webpage.


Volunteer Bond

Effective 2022-2023 Season


Trails West could not run our association without volunteers and to help encourage our members to come forward and volunteer, we have implemented a mandatory Volunteer Bond program for all registrants in Community (U7-U18) and West Calgary House League (WCHL).

The volunteer bond requirement will be for all members to contribute a minimum amount of time to both the Association and their Team. The purpose is to ensure a more equitable distribution of volunteer time across the association in providing a higher and more consistent level of programming across the association.


TWHA Volunteer Coordinator:  Chantal du Plessis at volunteer@trailswesthockey.com


$250 per registered participant in Community (U7-U18)

$150 per registered participant in West Calgary House League


Community: Minimum ten (10) hours of time per registered participant with a minimum of two (2) hours contributed to the association and eight (8) hours may be contributed at the team level.

West Calgary House League: Information is available at Programs-West Calgary House League.


During registration, the registrant will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the TWHA Volunteer Bond or the WCHL Volunteer Bond.

Community - Association Level Volunteer Hours

Association level hours can be comprised of, but not limited to:

  • All evaluation related tasks: Assisting AGC’s, Age Group VP’s, Catering Coordinators with check-in, pinny distribution, organizing evaluators, distributing food to evaluators, evaluating, on-ice help
    • Important: AGC’s, age group VP’s, Evaluation Directors and certain other board members, as required must remain as the only managers and holders of player evaluation data
  • Support of equipment coordinators with equipment sorting, distribution to teams, collection, and return
  • On or off-ice support of TW Player Development programs
  • Assistance with association wide events such as picture day, Trails West Cup, U15 Cup, U18 Couture Cup, U7 Senior HoHoHo Tournament, or similar events organized by TWHA

There is no limit on association time contributed toward the bond requirement; the full ten (10) hour commitment per registered participant can all be acquired from association hours.

The greatest need for association volunteers is in the early part of the season.

Community - Team Level Volunteer Hours

Team level volunteer hours can be fulfilled by:

  • Team specific volunteer roles such as Treasurer, Social Coordinator, Tournament Coordinator
  • Arranging any team community engagement (volunteering in the community)
  • Every shift worked as scorekeeper, score board operator, penalty box worker acquires one hour (1) of team time

TWHA Families with multiple registered participants

Families with more than one registered participant can acquire all their association time from one age group. For example, if a family has U11 and U13 participants and assist with U13 evaluations for seven (7) hours, they fulfill the two (2) hour association requirement for each participant and acquire an additional three (3) hours toward the remaining 16 hours needed at the team level.

Volunteer roles that satisfy full volunteer bond commitment for all the volunteer's registered participants

The following roles automatically fulfill the entire volunteer requirements for all children registered, without the requirement to track time:

  • Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches
  • Team Managers (community)
  • TWHA Board Members
  • TWHA Key Volunteers (as listed on the website)
  • TWHA Casino Volunteers
  • Hockey Calgary League Chair

Community - Association Level Commitment

TWHA Board of DirectorsFull requirement, all athletes
TWHA Key Volunteers
(as listed on the website)
Age Group Coordinators, Catering Coordinator, Picture Day Coordinator, etc. Full requirement, all athletes
Team Head CoachesFull requirement, all athletes
Team Assistant CoachesIncludes Goalie CoachesFull requirement, all athletes
Casino VolunteersOne shift at TWHA CasinoFull requirement, all athletes
HC League ChairsFull requirement, all athletes
TWHA Development Program SupportHours Worked
Evaluators- On iceHours Worked
Evaluators- Off iceHours Worked
Evaluations- check inCheck-in, dressing room supervision Hours Worked
Other Evaluation VolunteersSupport roles, on and off-iceHours Worked
Pre-Season Camp VolunteersSupport roles, on and off-iceHours Worked
Labour Day Jamboree VolunteersHours Worked
Photo Day VolunteerHours Worked
Equipment VolunteerHours Worked
U15 Cup and Couture Cup VolunteersHours Worked

Community - Team Level Commitment 

*Team ManagerFull requirement, all athletes
Team TreasurerTwo (2) association credits, three (3) team credits
Team Tournament CoordinatorHours Worked
Team Fundraising CoordinatorHours Worked
Team Social CoordinatorHours Worked
Team Volunteer or Community Outreach CoordinationHours Worked
Off-ice officialsTime-keeper, score-keeper, penalty boxHours Worked
Other team volunteer timeCoordinating team apparel, assisting Manager with other team responsibilities, including but not limited to, tournament duties and other team eventsHours Worked

* From an administrative and accountability perspective, the Team Manager is meant to be the single point of contact and accountability on the team – at the team level and importantly, as the official interface, along with a single Head Coach, at the Hockey Calgary level. As the single point of contact and responsibility, the Team Manager has the overall view of what’s happening with the team, and it allows other teams, Hockey Calgary representatives and team members to know who to reach out to concerning team-related issues. The team manager has always been an essential role to manage these important third party interfaces.

The Team Manager is responsible for managing other aspects of the team, which may include arranging tournaments, social and team building events and the like. The Association's vision and expectation is that the Team Manager would enlist others on the team to help the Team Manager with these responsibilities, therefore allowing other parents opportunities to fulfill their team requirement for the Volunteer Bond and at the same, reduce the overall load of "doing" for the Team Manager and result in the similar sharing of the work that some co-managing arrangements have sought to address in past seasons. We want to create a sense of community and teamwork at the association and team level which provides everyone an opportunity to volunteer in ways that work with their strengths.

PDF versions

TWHA Volunteer Bond Agreement - signed at registration

TWHA Volunteer Bond Framework - as noted above


We thank you for your understanding and patience as we roll out this new policy in the 2022-2023 season.