West Calgary House League (WCHL)

2021-2022 Season Information

U9 (Novice), U11 (Atom) and U13 (PeeWee)

The West Calgary House League is a part of Hockey Calgary’s Flames Community House League program and is composed of members from the South West quadrant encompassing the boundaries of Trails West Hockey Association, Glenlake Minor Hockey Club and Springbank Minor Hockey Association. Members who register for the West Calgary House League are governed by the Flames Community House League Operations Guide and the WCHL structure and procedures, including arena locations, as set forth below.  

Questions about West Calgary House League, please contact: westcalgaryhouseleague@gmail.com 

About WCHL


The purpose of house league is to provide recreational players the opportunity to play organized hockey in an environment that is affordable, fun, and safe with moderate time commitments allowing for participation in other social, academic or recreational activities.  It also provides a less intimidating and competitive format for players with limited skills and knowledge of hockey.

While House League emphasizes fun hockey with no statistics or standings, skill development is still provided by certified volunteer parent coaches and games are played with certified officials.  There are fewer ice times on mostly fixed dates and times and less travel.  All teams play in one division and are equally balanced with a variety of skill levels. The season runs from early October to the end of February with pre-skates and evaluations usually beginning the last weekend of September. All teams have one practice and one game per week.  Practice schedules are fixed as much as available ice will allow and game schedules released with as much advance notice as possible so families have reasonable knowledge of how their schedule will look.  Teams are not permitted to play games or participate in tournaments outside their league or purchase additional ice for practices. There are no cash calls or fundraising permitted.  As demand for this program is high, registration is on a first come basis with a maximum number of players allowed per age division so register early. Every registered player is required to have a valid Respect in Sport – Parent certification.

It is essential that parents step up to volunteer for the various roles required to run the league smoothly. These roles include, but are not limited to, coaches, on ice volunteers and team managers.  Without enough volunteers, we will not be able to continue to run the league.

League Location/Home Arenas

We have worked closely with Hockey Calgary to secure ice at George Blundun/Optimist arenas (Optimist Park) for WCHL practices and games. This location is central to the boundaries of WCHL members and assists with reducing travel time for families during the season. 

ICE SHORTFALLS: Exceptions may occur in location(s) where ice was not available to be secured at Optimist Park, the WCHL Home arenas.  To accommodate the shortfall(s), ice will be pooled from the South West quadrant (Trails West, Glenlake and Springbank home arenas) and these secondary locations will be rotated equally through teams of the age groups affiliated with that set day.

Game Jerseys

WCHL game jerseys are sponsored by the Calgary Flames every other year and supplied by WCHL for the other year and players may keep their jerseys every season.

Friend Requests

Requests must be made at the time of registration. Every effort will be made to accommodate ONE RECIPROCATED friend request per player but requests are not guaranteed. The league retains the right to place players on teams with the priority of coach placement and forming balanced teams over accommodating friend requests. Due to the volume of requests, friend requests will NOT be accepted after registration is submitted.

Respect in Sport - Parent

Hockey Alberta instituted a mandatory RIS Parent program with the goal to educate our membership for all new families to Hockey Calgary.  Recertification for current families is required every 4 years.  However, if your Respect in Sport-Parent certification was valid in April 2021, Hockey Alberta extended the expiration date of all valid Respect in Sport - Parent certifications by one year. Therefore, if Respect in Sport-Parent was taken in the 2017-2018 season, the expiry date is now May 1, 2022 and re-certification prior to a player's registration for the 2021-2022 season will not be required.  Note though, players will not be permitted to participate in pre-season skates or evaluations for the 2021-2022 season unless a valid RIS-Parent certification is noted on the player’s Hockey Canada Registry profile. For more information, please review the Respect in Sport-Parent section under the Registration tab.

Coach Qualifications

Coaches for House League are required to have the same coach qualifications as community stream. Exception is U11 Head Coaches are not required to have the Checking Skills qualification but it is strongly recommended. Note, Checking Skills qualification (online and in person clinics) are required for U13 Head Coaches. 

Coaches may submit a request for reimbursement of clinic fees after they have been selected as part of the coaching staff for a team.  For further information, please reach out to your association’s Administrator.  


Registration Fee: $800

A late fee of $100 will be applied to registrations after August 15


Player withdrawal requests should be directed to the Age Group Coordinator for forwarding to the applicable association Administrator for processing.  Note, late fees are non-refundable.

  • Prior to pre-skates: Full refund of regular registration fees less $50 administrative fee
  • Prior to evaluation skates: Full refund of regular registration fees less $100 administrative fee 
  • Prior to team placement: Full refund of regular registration fees less $200 administrative fee 
  • After team placement: No refund


Season Dates

October - February

Pre-Skates and Evaluations

Late September / early October.   All age divisions are scheduled one pre-skate and two evaluation skates.  See below schedule for specific dates.

Player Allowance

Subject to registration numbers but will be capped as noted below:

  • U9 - 10 teams
  • U11 - 10 teams
  • U13 - 6 teams

Waitlist Option - Should registration in an age group become full before August 15, there will be an option to select and register, as part of the WCHL registration form, on a waitlist.  If there is a sufficient number of players registered on the waitlist in an age group, an additional team(s) may be added to the WCHL provided the league can secure additional fixed ice.  Important to note:  Should this occur, it may affect the ability of the league to maintain the age group fixed day schedule resulting in a rotating schedule for practices and/or games on a different day than noted below for that age group.

West Calgary House League (WCHL) Season Dates 2021-2022

Pre-SkateSept 22-24on same weekday as age division practice day
Evaluation Skate (1)Sept 29 - Oct 1on same weekday as age division practice day
Evaluation Skate (2)Oct 2-3on same weekend day as age division game day
Fall (2021)
Practices startOct 13-15U9 no practice Nov 11
Games startOct 16-17
Picture DayNov 6Location: Glenbrook Community Hall
Last practice (2021)Dec 15-17
Last game (2021)Dec 18-19
Holiday BreakDec 20 - Jan 4
Winter (2022)
Practices startJan 5-7
Games startJan 8-9
ESSO BlackoutJan 12-16U9 has practice Jan 13 (no practices U11/U13 or regular games for all)
Last practiceFeb 9-11
Last gameFeb 12-13
WCHL FestivalFeb 16-20No practices or regular league games

IMPORTANT: U9 and U13 practice days are different than the 2020-21 season due to ice schedule limitations this season

U9 Practices - Thursday: Will start as early as 4:30pm and will mainly be at George Blundun or Optimist, however may rotate occasionally to other locations where ice shortfalls might occur (see above for further details)

U9 Games - Saturday: Will start as early as 7:15am and will be at Optimist, however may rotate occasionally where ice shortfalls might occur (see above for further details)


U11 Practices - Friday: Will start as early as 4:30pm and will be at George Blundun or Optimist, however may rotate occasionally to other locations where ice shortfalls might occur (see above for further details)

U11 Games - Sunday: Will start as early as 7:15am and will be at Optimist, Joe Kryzka and Shouldice, however may rotate occasionally to other locations where ice shortfalls might occur (see above for further details)


U13 Practices - Wednesday: Will start as early as 4:45pm and will be at George Blundun or Optimist, however may rotate occasionally to other locations where ice shortfalls might occur (see above for further details)

U13 Games - Saturday: Will rotate start as early as 7:30am and will be at George Blundun, however may rotate occasionally to other locations where ice shortfalls might occur (see above for further details)

WCHL Festival

February 16-20, 2022 (Family Day long weekend - no games Monday)  

All age divisions will start on their usual weekday but may have other weekday Festival games.  The majority of games will be scheduled at Optimist/George Blundun however there will be games at other arenas in South West Calgary including Joe Kryzka, Shouldice, Rose Kohn and Frank McCool.

We understand that hosting the WCHL Festival on the Family Day long weekend may not be an ideal time for some families.  The WCHL is the only House League in Hockey Calgary that provides a year-end Festival and we need to accommodate the ice needs of both House League and Community in our three associations.  It is very challenging to secure the amount of ice required to host a Festival of this size for all WCHL teams on any other weekend in the season without causing an even greater negative impact on the ice available for community teams.  We have not scheduled games for Family Day Monday in the hopes this will help.

WCHL Contacts and Resources


WCHL Coordinator - westcalgaryhouseleague@gmail.com

U9 WCHL Coordinator - U9WCHL@gmail.com

U11 WCHL Coordinator - U11WCHL@gmail.com

U13 WCHL Coordinator - U13WCHL@gmail.com


Hockey Calgary – Community House League Operations Guide - 2021/22

Hockey Calgary – House League In-Game Resources 2021-2022

U9 - Half-Ice Rink Divider System 2021-2022 - to be used for games only.  Three rostered team coaches are necessary for set-up and moving the boards. No other volunteers are allowed on the ice so coaches must ensure they have their skates and helmets with them at all times to assist in using the rink divider system.  The rink divider system at Optimist was sponsored by the Calgary Flames.

Hockey Calgary U9 Rink Divider Team Responsibilities - Seeding Round 2021