Evaluation Expectations

  • Players should bring their own labelled water bottle for use during evaluations
  • Players need to check in for every evaluation session
  • Players need to wear the pinny assigned to them for every session
  • Players need to return the pinny after their last evaluation session

Evaluation Contacts

Questions concerning evaluations or if you have not received your player's first evaluation time approximately one week before evaluations are scheduled to begin for your player's age group, please contact the applicable Age Group Coordinator:

U7 Timbits - U7@trailswesthockey.com
U9 - U9@trailswesthockey.com
U11 - U11@trailswesthockey.com
U13 - U13@trailswesthockey.com
U15 - U15@trailswesthockey.com
U18 - U18@trailswesthockey.com
West Calgary House League (WCHL) - westcalgaryhouseleague@gmail.com


All evaluation related suggestions, concerns or general comments should be directed to evaluationquestions@trailswesthockey.com and not the Age Group Coordinators.

U7  U13  U15 

Ryan Knievel

U9  U11  U18

Matt Stevens

Evaluation Schedules

Tentative 2022 Evaluation Dates (subject to change without notice)

U7 Sept 9 & 11
U9 Sept 8, 10-19
U11 Sept 8 (goalie)
Sept 7, 9-20
U13 Sept 13 (goalie)
Sept 13, 15-28
U15 Sept 14 (goalie)
Sept 14,15 (checking clinics)
Sept 17-28
U18 Sept 22 (checking clinics)
Sept 23 (goalie)
Sept 24 - Oct 4
House League Sept 29-Oct 2

**Player evaluation times will be emailed to the main player email on the registration form about a week before the first evaluation skate.

Evaluation Guidelines

Trails West has established this comprehensive set of guidelines for player evaluations to ensure fairness to all players.  These guidelines are now available for review by players and parents. The Trails West executive would like to thank all members who participated in the review process as well as those who provided feedback from previous years.

TWHA Evaluation Guidelines (2022)

Evaluation Grievances

Mid-evaluation grievances may only be made to a Co-Director of Evaluations or the President and must be substantive in nature to be considered.

Post-evaluation grievances are to be made to the applicable age group Vice President, Operations. If unable to resolve at that level, then by the President followed by a Co-Director of Evaluations, followed by a Grievance Committee.

Grievances will be addressed as quickly as practical. Members are encouraged to consider the ’24-hour’ rule before indicating a grievance.

Grievances should be submitted by email using the TWHA Evaluation Grievance Form and indicate:

1. The aspect of the TWHA evaluation guideline that wasn’t followed
2. The impact of the error
3. A proposed resolution

Responses to member grievances will be subject to the ’24-hour’ rule and will be reviewed by another Board member. Grievance resolution will consider the impact on all players (not just the player(s) included in the grievance).

Should parents wish to submit a grievance, we ask that you review the TWHA Evaluation Guidelines carefully and complete the required grievance form below.

Please be respectful and courteous and remember we are all volunteers!

TWHA Evaluation Grievance Form


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