Coaching Application

All prospective Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and On-Ice Volunteers must submit a Coach Application form.  Coaches are encouraged to fill out the application as soon as possible to ensure it is known they are available for conditioning camps, evaluations and general planning for the upcoming season.

Coaches will be selected at the completion of evaluations, so please include your cell number in the coach application form so you can be contacted at the conclusion of evaluations if need be.  In the instance of West Calgary House League, Coaches will be selected before teams are formed. Information with respect to coach selection is available below under Selection Protocol.

Note: Knowledgeable hockey people are critical for evaluations to go well, a minimum of 10 evaluations is required to be considered for a Coach or Assistant Coaches position in the U11-U18 (formerly Atom-Midget) Divisions (community stream), a minimum of 4 evaluations at the U7 (formerly Timbits) level and requirements for West Calgary House League will be determined closer to the date.

Selection Protocol

1) Has the applicant been a TW coach in the past?

If "yes", what were the applicant’s parent feedback scores like.

2) Was the applicant a coach on the applying team the previous year?

ex: if coach was an assistant on Team X the previous year and is applying to be head coach this year.

If "yes", what were the applicant’s parent feedback scores like.

3) Outside of coaching or managing, does the applicant volunteer within the TW organization?

Evaluations, Conditioning Camp, Board

4) Were there any issues with the applicant during the previous season(s)?

5) Is the applicant certified or will obtain required certification (Safety/Body Checking)?

Did candidate attend all clinics where attendance was requested by TWHA in previous year.

6) Has the applicant had a police check?

7) Applicant's hockey background

Has the applicant played hockey as a child/adult?

Level of applicant's playing experience

8) Other sports experience outside of hockey?

Level of applicant's experience

9) Applicant's occupation

ex: Sports based occupation

10) Lock and Pick - applicable divisions

All U18 (Midget) divisions

All U15 (Bantam) divisions

All U13 (PeeWee) divisions

U11 (Atom) 1 - 3 divisions

If more than one person is applying to head coach and candidates have equal qualifications, priority is given to the "Lock" parent.

If there is no approved Head Coach applicant with a player in the “Lock” position, a Head Coach may be selected from the “Pick” group of players.

11) There will be no downward player movement for coaching considerations.

12) No candidate will be the Head Coach of more than one team unless requested by TWHA due to a lack of qualified candidates.

13) Assistant coaches: Trails West will provide a list of recommended applicants and will approve the final selection.

14) Where qualified Non-Parent Coaches are available, TWHA may at their discretion select Non-Parent Coaches for any team. To prepare players for the transition to Elite Hockey, the Coach Selection Committee will actively seek Non-Parent Coaches for the U13-AA (Peewee), U15-1 (Bantam) and U18-1 (Midget) teams. Non-Parent Coaches may be given priority over parent coaches in the selection process.

TWHA Coach Development

U7 to U11 (formerly Timbits to Atom)

Riley O'Hare

U13 to U18 (formerly PeeWee to Midget)

Scott Hanson