Spring 2024 - Registration Open

We are excited to announce our re-branded 2024 spring program:



Open: Opening Wednesday, January 17th at 12:00 PM

Closed: Saturday, March 23

Waitlist: Please choose this option ONLY if there are no spots available for your participant's age division & position.  Selecting this option does not fully register your player in the 2024 Spring Series, it only places them on a waitlist in a first come, first offered order. You will be contacted by the TWHA Administrator should a spot become available for registration and you will be required to pay the registration fees at that time.

Registration is initially restricted to Trails West members who are currently registered with Trails West for the 2023-2024 season until January 24.  After January 24, registration will open to those intending to register with Trails West for the 2024-2025 season and to those outside of our boundaries.

P3 Sports Inc. - On Ice & Goaltender Instruction: 

At P3 Sports Inc, we provide our athletes with the best conditioning techniques to elevate their on-ice game. We do this by developing sports and position-specific programs to maximize the performance of our players. P3 Sports provides the best hockey training for our athletes and is also dedicated to promoting both mental and athletic growth.

Dark Horse Athletic  - Dryland: 

Dark Horse is a multi-sport program with a focus on growth mindset and building a love of the game. We have a number of highly skilled coaches, some of whom are Olympians from different sport backgrounds, who teach skills that range from hand-eye coordination to footwork to core and lower body strength as well as a variety of sport specific skills.

Age Divisions: Register in age division that your player will be playing for the 2024-2025 season

U9 (2016-2017) - FULL

U11 (2014-2015) - Players FULL - Goalies - FULL

U13 (2012-2013) - Players FULL  - Goalies - FULL

**updated 24 March 2024**

Ice times: Flames Community Arenas – Red Arena (2390 - 47 Ave SW)

Dryland: Webber Academy – Outdoor Sports Court (1515 - 93 St SW)

Tuesdays: Hockey Skills & Power Skating

Wednesdays: Dryland Multi-Sport Training

Thursdays: Small Area Games & Battle Drills

Program Run Dates: April 2, 2023 to May 16, 2024

Ice times: Twice a week (60 minutes)

U9 – Tuesdays 4:00pm / Thursdays 5:15pm

U11 – Tuesdays 6:30pm / Thursdays 4:00pm

U13 – Tuesdays 5:15pm / Thursdays 6:30pm

Exceptions in ice times:

April 2 - Start time 30 minutes later

April 3 - Wednesday instead of Thursday & start time 15 minutes later

April 9 - U9 only at 4:30pm

April 11 - U11 at 4:00pm and U13 at 5:15pm (no U9)

Dryland: Once a week (60 minutes)

U9 – Wednesdays 5:00pm

U11 – Wednesdays 6:00pm

U13 – Wednesdays 7:00pm

Exceptions in dryland:

April 4 - Thursday instead of Wednesday April 5

Player: $570

Goalie: $435 (2015 Goaltenders - $200)

Registration fee includes:

  • 13 ice times
  • 7 dryland sessions
  • Practice jersey
  • Goaltenders (U11/U13) - one ice time per week will have goaltender specific instruction

The Hockey Canada Player Medical Information Sheet is required for every player who participates in the 2024 Wolves Spring Series

The Dark Horse Athletic Inc. Waiver is required for every player who participates in the 2024 Wolves Spring Series.  You will be required to upload the completed form during registration. *This form is NOT fillable online - you will be required to print it, complete it by hand, then scan it or take a picture to upload.

Either Player or Goaltender only.  You will be required to select the correct position option at Registration Fees.

Full registration fee is required at time of registration. If financial assistance or a payment plan is required for a selected participant, please contact the TWHA Administrator at admin@trailswesthockey.com


Please contact the TWHA Administrator at admin@trailsweshockey.com


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