All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must submit a Coaching Application form, it also recommended for those interested as On-Ice Volunteers. Please fill out this form by August 30. The form is available under the Coaching Application section under Coaches.


IMPORTANT: All coaching staff (Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, On-Ice Volunteers) are required at minimum to have a valid Respect in Sport - Activity Leader (RIS-AL) certification and a valid Police Information Check (PIC) on file. The RIS-AL must be valid before coaching staff are permitted on the ice with the team and before they will be rostered to the team.

Note:  Knowledgeable hockey people are critical for evaluations to go well, a minimum of 5 evaluations is required to be considered for a Head Coach or Assistant Coach position, more than 5 evaluations will be viewed favourably. Coaches are required on ice for Conditioning Camps and U11 Pre-Skates so please help out where you can.
West Calgary House League Coaches are required to be on ice or evaluators for their applicable age category.

TWHA Coach Development

U7 to U11 

Kevin Cameron

U13 to U18

Joel Domansky

Respect in Sport-Activity Leader

IMPORTANT: The November 15 deadline does not apply to this qualification!  This certification must be valid prior to any bench/coaching staff being on the ice with a team and a coach will not be rostered without a valid RIS-AL.

This is required for all bench staff (including On Ice Volunteers) and is not the same certification as the Respect in Sport-Parent program.  Since 2018, Respect in Sport–Activity Leader (RIS-AL) certifications expire on May 1 every four hockey seasons and re-certification is required.  

In April 2021, Hockey Alberta extended the expiration date of all valid Respect in Sport - Activity Leader certifications by one year. Therefore, if RIS-AL was taken in the 2017-2018 season, it is now valid until May 1, 2022 and re-certification to coach for the 2021-2022 season will no longer be required.  This change is only reflected in the Hockey Canada Registry and will not be seen in an individual's Respect in Sport account as the change is specific to Hockey Alberta only.  To verify your RIS-AL expiry date, please check your e-Hockey account.

If you have any questions concerning the RIS-AL certification, please visit Hockey Alberta's website for more information. 

Coach Certifications (Qualifications)


The Hockey Canada Registration platform has been updated and HCR 3.0 replaces e-Hockey and Hockey Canada Registry 2.0.  Coaches will need to create a new HCR 3.0 Spordle account for access to their information in the Hockey Canada Registry 3.0.

Click here for more information on this and a quick and easy step by step guide to creating a new HCR 3.0 account and linking self & family members.


Online and in person coach courses/clinics are now available for registration.  All course/clinic registration must be done through the new Hockey Canada Registry (HCR 3.0 Spordle). 

Click here to be taken to the Hockey Alberta Coaching Qualifications page.

Click here to be taken to the HCR Clinic Registration page. Be sure to select HOCKEY ALBERTA and HOCKEY CALGARY at the top by Find Your Clinic. 

Click here to view the Hockey Canada tutorial "How to Register to a Clinic".

Hockey Alberta is responsible for the training and development of coaches, including all NCCP levels, the Hockey Canada Safety Program and the Checking Skills Program.

Please visit the Hockey Alberta website for coaching requirements to ensure that you are certified for the right age category or for more information on Hockey Alberta coach clinics or Hockey Alberta coach FAQ’s.

All coach clinics/qualifications (including Respect in Sport-Activity Leader and Police Information Check), as well as rostered team history can be viewed on your Hockey Canada Registry 3.0 (Spordle) account.

For instructions on how to view your qualification/CRC on the new HCR 3.0 (Spordle), please review this TWHA document HCR 3.0 Spordle Account - Coach Qualifications-CRC.

To register for Coach Clinics/Courses, please visit the Hockey Canada Registry Clinics page. For instructions on how to register for a clinic, please review this TWHA document HCR 3.0 Spordle Account - Create & Register for Clinic-Course.

Only those individuals listed on the Official Team Roster are covered by Hockey Canada’s liability insurance therefore any person who will regularly step on the bench or the ice must be registered as a team official. This includes Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and On Ice Volunteers. 

Important:  A maximum of five (5) team officials may be present on the bench during games.

Note:  Trails West will only cover the Hockey Canada insurance fee for five (5) team officials and anything above that must be paid by the team.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HEAD COACHES - 02Sept21: Hockey Alberta has now removed the coach requirement of the online HU-Planning a Safe Return to Hockey course. Our apologies for any confusion caused by our previous correspondence indicating otherwise.

Age DivisionCoach 1 - Intro to CoachCoach 2 - Coach LevelChecking Skills*Respect In Sport - Activity Leader (Coach)Safety
U7 One Coach Per 10 PlayersAll Team OfficialsOne Coach Per 10 Players
U9 One Coach Per 10 PlayersAll Team OfficialsOne Coach Per 10 Players
U11 Head CoachHead CoachAll Team OfficialsOne Team Official
U13 Head CoachHead CoachAll Team OfficialsOne Team Official
U15 Head CoachHead CoachAll Team OfficialsOne Team Official
U18 Head CoachHead CoachAll Team OfficialsOne Team Official
Junior CAll Team OfficialsOne Team Official

*Checking Skills Qualification requires both HU-Online Checking Skills course and in-person Instructional Stream Checking Skills clinic.

Respect in Sport - Activity Leader must be valid prior to being on the ice with a team and rostered.

At least one registered team official must be certified in Safety by October 15 and be present at all games and practices.

NOTE: Coach certification deadline is November 15.

West Calgary House League Coaches

Coaches for House League are required to have the same coach qualifications as community stream. Exception is U11 Head Coaches are not required to have the Checking Skills qualification but it is strongly recommended. Note, Checking Skills qualification (online and in person clinics) are required for U13 Head Coaches.

Police Information Check

A current and valid City of Calgary Police Information Check (PIC) with a Vulnerable Sector Search is required for all volunteer positions.  This includes Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Junior Coaches, On Ice Helpers, Team Managers or any other persons interacting regularly with their athletes (i.e. dressing room attendants or dryland trainers).

PICs are current for a period based on date of issue and will expire on May 31 of the third hockey season. (i.e. issued August 20, 2019 will expire May 31, 2022)

PICs received by TWHA have the issue date and status entered on a coach's HCR profile under Criminal Record Checks in the Hockey Canada Registry.  You can check the validity of your PIC on your HCR 3.0 Spordle account and viewing "CRC". Please be sure the Expired On date is 2022-05-31 or later.  To view your qualifications and CRC status, review this TWHA document HCR 3.0 Spordle Account - Coach Qualifications/CRC.

Note: TWHA does not keep copies of PICs received on file and it is recommended that you print/save a copy for your future reference.

PICs issued on behalf of another organization can be considered valid for Trails West's purposes if issued within the last 12 months.  If the PIC is on the e-PIC system, please share the results with Trails West Hockey Association or send a PDF/JPEG of a hard copy of the results to the TWHA Administrator.

A PIC indicating a Relevant Offence (see below) will not be valid unless approved by the Screening Committee.

In the absence of a current and valid PIC on file:

  1. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must provide proof of application prior to team assignment;
  2. All other volunteers (including On Ice Helpers and Team Managers) must provide proof of application by October 15 or prior to commencing volunteer activities; and
  3. All volunteer positions are considered unconfirmed until receipt of a valid PIC.

Questions concerning PICs should be directed to the TWHA Administrator.

(Information updated: January 2021)

What is a PIC?

A PIC is a Police Information Check performed by the City of Calgary Police Service.

A PIC is more than a Canadian criminal record check (CRC) that is offered by some other services. Information is searched from three databases and the results are provided on a Calgary Police Service certificate letter. Disclosure includes Canada-wide Criminal Record History, Vulnerable Sector Search (as required by Trails West Hockey Association) and Police History; this includes Local Police Information and Alberta Provincial court records.

A PIC is valid for Trails West's purposes for a period based on the date of issue and will expire on May 31 of the third hockey season. For example, a PIC issued August 20, 2019, will expire May 31, 2022 and therefore an application for a new PIC will need to be submitted for the 2022-2023 hockey season.

Read "Process For Application" for information and details to apply for a PIC.

If a PIC was applied online using the e-PIC system, the results will be available there and must be shared with TWHA. If, however, an in-person application was made, the results will be mailed so a PDF copy (or high quality picture of the full letter) must be be forwarded to the TWHA Administrator at admin@trailswesthockey.com.

After a successfully submitted PIC application, some individuals may receive an "attend" letter before they receive their results. This letter requests you to make a follow up appointment with the Calgary Police Information Check Unit. More details about this can be found under "Receive An Attend Letter?".


Process for Application
PIC Acceptable Documentation
Receive an Attend Letter?
Relevant Offences

Coach Reimbursement

Coaching clinic fees will be reimbursed by Trails West for those courses taken during the season by ROSTERED team officials only.  

To be reimbursed, please complete the TWHA Coach Reimbursement Form and forward, along with copies of applicable receipts to the TWHA Administrator for review and subsequent approval by Coach Development.  

Note:  Reimbursement requests will not be accepted after March 15 of the current season.

Non-Parent Coach Policy

Information about Trails West's Non-Parent Coach Policy should be directed to Coach Development for U13-U18 at coachdevU13-U18@trailswesthockey.com.