Trails West Hockey Association was registered as a Society in July 1980.

Trails West is, along with other Minor Hockey Associations in the Calgary area, governed by Hockey Calgary.  Hockey Calgary is governed by Hockey Alberta, which is governed by Hockey Canada.

Our 'Home Ice' is Flames Community Arenas.  TWHA shares ownership of this facility with Canadian Forces Calgary, Glenlake Hockey Association, Elbow Park Group, Mount Royal University, South Calgary Community Association, Lakeview Community Association and North Glenmore Park Community Association.  The facility is administered and operated by South West Arena Society (SWAS).

We are a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization.  In order to contact us, please refer to our list of board directors, members and volunteers, then choose who best to email.  If you are unsure, please reach out to our Administrator.


Trails West Hockey Association took on a new brand in 2012 which included a new logo and jerseys. The new jerseys were made possible through a $50,000 donation from the Shewchuk Family, in conjunction with Canaccord Wealth Management.

In recognition of the generous donation by the Shewchuk Family, winning teams of our annual Fall tournament, the Trails West Cup, receive the Shewchuk Cup, on display at Flames Community Arenas.  For the great story behind the Cup and Bob Shewchuk's passion for supporting hockey, please read My Old Pair of Skates.


Trails West, home of the Trails West Wolves, is the provider of Minor Hockey programs for the following communities:

Aspen Woods, Christie Park, Coach Hill, Patterson Heights, Rosscarrock, Signal Hill, Springbank Hill, Discovery Ridge, Strathcona Park, Westgate and Wildwood.  Anyone residing in this area wanting to participate in Minor Hockey programs must register with Trails West.

Hockey Calgary Boundary Maps


Program registration is based on the age of the child as of December 31 of the current season.

Trails West’s Learn to Skate – ages 4-6 fun oriented skating instruction within the context of ice hockey.  This program is open to those residing within the Trails West area and, if room permits, to those who reside outside the Trails West area.  Skaters must be accompanied on ice by a parent.  LTS is held Saturdays and Sundays.  The number of skates per weekend typically alternates between one time on one weekend and two times the next weekend.  Players wear full equipment and have hockey sticks. More information and testimonials can be found on the Learn to Skate page.

West Calgary House League - ages 7 to 10. *New for 2022-2023 season - the U13 division is no longer offered as part of the West Calgary House League.  There are a maximum of eight U9 teams and ten U11 teams depending upon ice availability.  The season is end of September - February.  Practices are 1 per week on weekdays and games are 1 per weekend. More information can be found on the Hockey Calgary website about the Flames Community House Hockey League or on the Trails West page for specific information about the West Calgary House League.

U7 (formerly Timbits or Initiation)– ages 5-6 encourages fun, participation and developing basic skating and game skills in a team environment. Please note, that there is no House League available for U7 (Timbits).  More information about U7 (Timbits) can be found on the Hockey Calgary website.

U9 (formerly Novice) - ages 7-8 Community stream – focus is on skill development and the fundamentals of hockey.  Game play is introduced with a limited number of half-ice games during the season. More information about U9 (Novice) and the U9 Development League can be found on the Hockey Calgary website.

U11 (formerly Atom) – ages 9-10 Community stream - players continue to develop at the U11 (Atom) level; this level introduces designated positions, including goaltender as well as team/ league standings and playoffs.

U13 (formerly PeeWee) – ages 11-12 Community stream - player development continues. Body checking is not allowed at this age division.

U15 (formerly Bantam) – ages 13-14 – Community stream - effective the 2020-2021 season, there are two separate streams, Body Checking and Non Body Checking. Players must elect and evaluate for body checking.

U18 (formerly Midget) – ages 15-17 – Community stream - effective the 2020-2021 season, there are two separate streams, Body Checking and Non Body Checking. Players must elect and evaluate for body checking.

Junior C Community stream - ages 18-20

U7 through U18 players are assigned to ranked teams after going through evaluation.  Teams play corresponding teams from the other Calgary area Minor Hockey Associations.

Community Stream U9 through Junior C teams are allocated games for the seeding round (October – November) and the regular season (December – February).  Trails West U9, U11 and U13 teams play in the South Division in Calgary.  Teams in all programs are allocated practice ice times.  Community stream teams can, at their discretion, acquire additional ice for practices, exhibition games and tournaments.  Generally speaking, the higher ranked teams are more likely to seek additional practices, exhibition games and tournaments.

Body checking is not permitted in age groups U13 and younger. Body checking is permitted in age groups U15 and U18 however only for body-checking teams in tiers 1-3. Players must elect and evaluate for body checking.

Please review Hockey Calgary's Hockey Streams Comparison document for additional information about the differences between Community, House League and Recreational hockey streams.

Annual Schedule:

Registration   June 15 to August 15
Pre-Season Camps Late August (U9/U13)
Mid-September (U15/U18)
Pre-Skates (U11 only)Late August/Early September
Team formationEnd of September / early October
Learn to SkateLate September to mid- March
West Calgary House LeagueMid-September to mid- February
Seeding roundEnd of October to late November *new for 2021-22 season
Regular seasonEarly December to late February *new for 2021-22 season
Esso Minor Hockey WeekMid-January
West Calgary House League FestivalMid-February
City Wide Play OffsLate February to mid-March
U7 (Timbits) JamboreeMarch

TWHA Bylaws

Click here to view the TWHA Bylaws.

TWHA Code of Conduct


I realize that my goal of being a hockey player/participant in the TWHA is to enjoy the game, have fun, improve my hockey skills, abide by the rules and play respectful hockey.  I agree to such as, but not limited to the following:

  • I realize that the Code of Conduct policy begins as I enter the parking lot and into the rink, and continues as I leave the dressing room, in the lobby of the rink, and exiting the parking lot after games or practices.
  • I will always act with proper respect and listen to my coaches, officials, and rink personnel. I also expect my parents/guardians and other family members and friends to abide by this same code.
  • I will not argue with the officials on or off the ice, I will use appropriate language at all times. I will not act in a manner that would embarrass myself, my teammates, my coaches or the adult group, or be disrespectful of the TWHA Code of Conduct policy.
  • I will not use profanity, make abusive or obscene gestures, I will not engage in fighting or other activity that could injure another player, coach, parent, as pursuant with the Code of Conduct policy.
  • I will not possess any tobacco products, drugs or alcoholic beverages, or carry any weapons.
  • I will abide by my team rules and always be respectful of my teammates and opposing players, property, dressing rooms, rink facilities, and hotels where my team is staying.

I recognize that it is a privilege to be able to play hockey for the TWHA.   I will always act in a positive way that will make my teammates, coaches, and family proud of me.


I have discussed the above Code of Conduct with my child and other members of our family unit and we agree that he or she will abide by the TWHA Code of Conduct at all times. As a parent/guardian I also agree that the Code of Conduct governs my behavior, as well as anybody I invite, inside and outside the ice rink.   I agree to such as, but not limited to the following:

  • I recognize the importance of the volunteer coaches and will communicate with them in an appropriate manner. The same holds true for on ice officials, league representatives, team officials, all Trails West volunteers and my personal behavior in the rink, during games and practices, and outside the rink.
  • I will follow the 24 hour rule prior to communicating with coaches and team officials.
  • I will display excellent sportsmanship/behavior during practices and games, by not taunting, or pounding on the glass, I will use appropriate language; I will not use obscene gestures. I will not yell at the players, fans, coaches, officials, or rink employees.
  • I understand that my inability to meet this code of conduct may result in a hearing with the TWHA disciplinary committee and may result in a written warning, suspension from any practice/game or expulsion from the association depending on the severity of the violation.


  1. 24 Hour cooling off period is mandatory prior to contacting team representative, league, and association representative.
  2. Communication should be:
    • Respectful
    • Courteous
    • Non-Confrontational and positive in nature
    • Pertinent based on team rules and/or TWHA guidelines.
    • Contain contact information otherwise the communication will not be addressed or responded to.
  3. Discipline Procedure and Process Pathway
    • Respect in Sport and the TWHA code of conduct will be applied jointly when dealing with these circumstances.
    • Complaints should follow the following Pathway:


Team Manager

Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Vice President


I fully understand that if I as a parent/guardian were to violate the Code of Conduct policy, I may also jeopardize my player’s eligibility to continue to play hockey in the TWHA.

I will ensure my player is at all scheduled team events (e.g. Practices, games etc); where there is a conflict I will notify the designated team official(s) 24 hours prior the event (illness and emergencies are examples where this would not be applicable).

Prevention of Harassment, Bullying & Abuse

TWHA Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, Bullying and Abuse

TWHA Harassment/Bullying Complaint Procedures

Complaints may be filed with any Trails West Board Member or Age Group Coordinator.  Contact information can be found here.


Concussion Protocol

The Hockey Canada Concussion Protocol is effective immediately and must be enforced and followed by all minor hockey teams in Canada. This protocol is not optional and failure to follow it could have serious consequences so be sure to read this policy carefully and understand it.

Trails West is implementing this protocol at the team level. This means that coaches need to monitor players during games and parents following games if you suspect a concussion may have occurred.

Any player showing symptoms of a concussion or a suspected concussion must be removed from play. If the player is diagnosed as having a concussion or shows concussion symptoms they can not return to play until the 6 step Return to Play process has been implemented fully and the Concussion Follow Up and Communication Form (Appendix 2) has been completed and signed.

The player must be cleared by a Medical Doctor prior to returning to play. Although other healthcare professionals treat concussions and may have cleared players in the past, the protocol is very specific in requiring clearance by a Physician. Please refer to the FAQs for more information.

Please also note that if a player is suspected to have suffered a concussion and is removed from play, but then cleared as being concussion free after their initial assessment by a physician, they are not required to complete the six step protocol. However, the physician must still sign a Medical Clearance Note to return that player to play immediately.

Trails West is requiring teams to document all concussions and suspected concussions. Managers are required to retain any forms and documentation until the end of the current hockey season, and all paperwork is then to be returned to the parents of the player involved. At this time it becomes the family’s responsibility to retain or file the documentation according to their own judgement. Trails West will not be formally tracking concussions or keeping any paperwork once the current season is complete, this is each individual family’s responsibility.

If TWHA members have any questions or concerns after reviewing the documentation and web links we encourage you to reach out to Hockey Canada for further clarification.

Hockey Calgary - Concussion Protocols - FAQs
Hockey Canada Concussion Policy
Hockey Canada Concussion Protocol Policy
Hockey Canada - Return to Play Brochure
Hockey Canada - Return to Play Checklist
Hockey Canada - Free Concussion Awareness APP

Grievances / Feedback

We want to improve the experience of players, parents and volunteers of TWHA. Please help us identify any issues that need to be addressed. Issues include problems, opportunities, controversies or uncertainties. We look forward to your questions, comments, interests or suggestions. If you would like someone to get back to you, please provide your contact details.

Please send your comments to admin@trailswesthockey.com.

Specific Grievances

If you have a grievance related to the Evaluations Process, please first carefully review the Evaluations Guidelines, then complete the grievance form found under Evaluations.

If you have a specific issue with a specific individual within TWHA:

  • First, speak directly to the person with whom you have an issue. With situations that have, or potentially have strong emotions, wait 24 hours before engaging in communication and consider including your team manager in the conversation.
  • If there is no resolution, and if you haven’t done so already, speak with your team manager. If unable to resolve at that level, then
  • speak with the appropriate VP of Operations (see Board of Directors/Volunteers). If still unresolved, then
  • speak with the President, then if still unresolved
  • speak with the Chairman. If unable to resolve at that point, then
  • a TWHA Grievance Committee will be formed and will determine appropriate action.

If your grievance is with someone outside of TWHA (referee, opposing coach, Hockey Calgary, etc..)

  • Speak with your Team Manager, who will
  • speak with the appropriate Age Coordinator, who will
  • speak with the appropriate VP of Operations, who will
  • speak with the appropriate contact person of the non TWHA organization. The Board will be informed of such communication and if appropriate, other Board Members will be included in the process.

Below are examples of general feedback received, and our responses.

Question / FeedbackResponse
I just wanted to express my appreciation to the volunteers who worked on the evaluations.  The process was well-organized and the many scheduling changes (as players moved to different groups) were communicated quickly by a telephone call and followed up with a clear and detailed email.All parents are encouraged to complete feedback surveys - we really pay attention.
Just wanted to pass on in writing my appreciation for the well-organized PeeWee Evaluations.    It was a very slick process, and I loved being able to see the groups on-line so that I didn’t have to wait or hunt for an email.  Having people look for their own pinnie number eliminated the risk of an email going astray and meant we could easily look up the times/dates anytimeEvery year, we review our process, modifying where needed and expanding where beneficial.
It's great that kids have the opportunity to have an October invitational hockey tournament. It's unfortunate it's only being offered for the div 1 teams. My concern is that as parents of non division 1 children, and increasing fees, that costs for this tournament are not directly or indirectly being born by teams not participating in the event. If there is to be extra tournaments, teams directly involved should be responsible for fund raising, just as if a div 3 team wanted to host an invitational, they would have to raise the required funds.TWHA does not subsidize the costs of tournaments hosted by teams. Teams who wish to host tournaments can seek out ice on their own, and organize the tournaments on their own, or, can take advantage of blocks of ice made available by Trails West. In either case, the individual teams are required to pay for the ice, then make up for that cost, and other tournament costs, through team registration fees, silent auctions, etc. Blocks of ice times for tournaments made available by TWHA, can be earmarked for specific age groups and divisions, and can also be awarded through a lottery or draw. In the case of the October TW Cup tournament, it was decided to earmark the ice to Division 1 teams of Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget. The reasoning behind this has to do with the timing of the tournament so soon after team formations. It is a safe assumption that the higher Division teams would be the most eager to take on the responsibilities and financial commitment required to host a tournament. TWHA purchased this ice and wants to be as sure as possible that we will have teams willing to host. Teams need to commit as quickly as possible once team formation takes place. There is a great deal of preparatory work to do by each team. (answer updated May 2020)
After watching today's interview with Sid Crosby discussing his comeback. I was interested in gaining more info. I came across this website that has some pre and post concussion tests that I'm going to use with my boys. I was thinking that it may be a good idea to get more info and pass it on to TW members. There is a $2.50 charge per test, according to the website, but it's probably a good idea that parents get a base of where their kids are at before, in the event that their kids do suffer a concussion. Below is a link to the site, http://www.axonsports.com/The concept of having base line data is interesting, and can serve some purpose. Caution must be taken, of course, choosing such services over the internet. TWHA would like to encourage all parents to learn as much as possible about the cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention of concussions. Having a conversation with a trusted health care professional is advised. Out of that conversation, parents can make informed decisions about how to manage the risk of concussions, including whether or not, and by what means, to take base line tests. Check out our Concussion Protocol section under Operations where you will find links to further resources.
My child is very involved with other activities but was interested in playing hockey. After checking out our options for hockey programs, we registered him for House League this year and it worked out well having only one practice and one game per week on fixed days. He had a lot of fun, made some new friends and loves hockey. Thank you for offering this program.Trails West is part of the West Calgary House League which is also comprised of Springbank Minor Hockey Association and Glenlake Minor Hockey Club. We recognize that some families prefer a fixed schedule with less time and travel commitments. For more information about this league, please visit the West Calgary House League under Teams.
Thanks so much to you and the board for your hard work on the boundary review. Your guidance and recommendations were insightful and practical and it has been borne out by Hockey Calgary’s decision to go to larger associations in their boundary decision. Your comments on the depth of the volunteer pool and association size made so much sense and it is something we don’t often recognize. I think it made Hockey Calgary revisit their boundary strategy.  Know that we appreciate all of your time that you put into the Trails West community. It is an enriching community in too many ways to list here and we are all better for it. Many thanks.It would be impossible to run our association without the extensive time commitment and effort put in by our Board of Directors and other volunteers. We thank you for recognizing the dedication of these volunteers as they do their best to represent the interests of all families who are part of Trails West.