TWHA Game Jerseys

General Jersey Information

Game jersey questions should be directed to the TWHA Equipment Manager.

Every Trails West player will receive game jerseys after team formation for use during the hockey season.

Learn to Skate players will receive a coloured LTS Trails West jersey and socks to use and keep after the season.

U7 (Timbits) jerseys and socks are sponsored by Tim Hortons every three years and players must return their jersey each season, unless otherwise notified by the equipment managers.

U9 game jerseys are supplied by Trails West and both home and away game jerseys must be returned to Trails West at the end of the season. All U9 players are provided one set of black game socks to be worn with both home and away jerseys.

One set of U11 game jerseys and socks are sponsored by McDonald’s each year. At the direction of the Equipment Manager, players may keep either the home or away game jerseys every year and must return the other game jersey to Trails West at the end of the season. U11 families will need to purchase one set of game socks (red or white alternates every year).

For the 2022-2023 season, U11 players will need to purchase WHITE socks which can be purchased at Play It Again Sports in Westhills.

U13 to U18 game jerseys are supplied by Trails West and both home and away game jerseys must be returned to Trails West at the end of the season. All U13-U18 players are provided one set of black game socks to be worn with both home and away jerseys.

West Calgary House League game jerseys are sponsored by the Calgary Flames every other year and supplied by Trails West for the other year. WCHL players may keep their jerseys every season.

Extra TWHA game socks can be purchased at Play It Again Sports in Westhills.


Name bars are not permitted on any Trails West or West Calgary House League supplied game jersey, regardless of whether the player will be keeping the game jersey or not.

Any team third jersey must be approved by the TWHA Apparel Coordinator prior to ordering and the VP Operations of the applicable age category if the third jersey will be used during a Hockey Calgary sanctioned game. All third jerseys must have the STOP logo or RESPECT on the back of the jersey as per the Uniforms section of the Hockey Calgary Operations Manual and Hockey Calgary Regulation 8 Safe Checking Program.

Corporate sponsor logos are not permitted on TWHA game jerseys nor on TWHA approved team third jerseys.

Jersey Replacement

NEW FOR 2022-2023 Season

Trails West will no longer collect jersey deposit cheques at the beginning of the season for U7-U18 players. Instead, during registration, the registrant will be required to acknowledge the following:

“I understand my registered child(ren) will receive one, or two (depending upon age division registered in), Trails West Hockey Association game jersey(s) for use during the 2022-2023 hockey season. I will ensure the game jersey(s) is kept in acceptable, wearable condition throughout the season.  I accept it is my responsibility to clean the game jersey(s), removing any stains and puck marks and repair any rips, tears or other damage to the jersey(s) before it is returned to TWHA at the end of the 2022-2023 hockey season. 

Should the TWHA Equipment Manager determine my registered child(ren)’s game jersey(s) is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, or is returned not cleaned, I acknowledge I will receive an invoice from TWHA for the cost of jersey replacement for each jersey requiring replacement or cleaning, the cost of which is $125.00 per jersey.  I further agree that I will make payment of said invoice no later than May 15, 2023. I understand non-payment will be considered a violation of my membership with TWHA and full payment will be required to be in good standing and before my child(ren) is permitted to register for any future Trails West Hockey Association or Hockey Canada governed program.”

Number of game jersey(s) provided per registered player/goaltender that a jersey replacement fee is applicable to if required as per above:

U7 - one jersey

U9 - two jerseys

U11 - one jersey

U13 to U18 - two jerseys


Jersey Care

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Any rips, tears, or other damage to the jerseys must be fixed before they are returned at the end of the season or the jersey deposit will be cashed. Normal wear and tear will be acceptable and stains and puck marks must be cleaned or the jersey deposit will be cashed to cover the cost of cleaning.

Handle with care!

Jerseys should NOT be placed in hockey bags as Velcro and skates will damage them. Preferably players will use garment bags to keep jerseys clean and un-damaged during transportation to and from the arena.

Game jerseys are NOT permitted for use during practices.

Respect the jersey and take care of it throughout the season. Remember that another player will be wearing the same jersey next season, and you will be wearing someone else’s next year. Keep the jersey in the shape that you would want to wear.

Captain/Assistant Captain Letters

C’s and A’s are allowed using hand-made “long-single stitch” – NOT machine stitched. Do NOT use any form of adhesive.

When removing them at the end of the season, be very careful not to tear or stretch the jerseys. All C’s and A’s MUST be removed before jerseys are returned.

Affiliated Player Use of Team Game Jersey

Team Managers are responsible for handing out and managing use of all Trails West game jerseys, including those worn by affiliated players.  Trails West recommends in a situation where an affiliated player will be using a team’s game jersey, the Team Manager provides the affiliated player with the applicable game jersey before the game, and ensures the game jersey is returned to the Team Manager at the end of the game.  The Team Manager is responsible for cleaning said game jersey and returning it to the team player who was “replaced” (or if an extra team game jersey was used by the affiliated player, keeping the game jersey for use again, if needed, during the season). At no point should an affiliated player be allowed to take home an affiliated team’s game jersey. If a Trails West game jersey used by an affiliated player is not returned or it was damaged when worn by an affiliated player, it is the responsibility of the team to be prepared to cover the cost of the replacement of the missing game jersey and/or to repair the damaged game jersey prior to the Trails West game jersey return date at the end of the season as determined by the Trails West Equipment Manager.  Trails West will not cover the cost to repair or replace any Trails West game jersey including those worn by an affiliated player. Team Managers must return all team Trails West game jerseys TOGETHER that they received at the beginning of the season to the Trails West Equipment Manager at the game jersey return date at the end of the season. No exceptions will be made.


Please wash each jersey separately or with like colors.  Do NOT wash red and white jerseys together!

There is no guarantee of color fastness and you will be held responsible for any color changes

Machine WASHABLE in COLD water


HANG to dry or Tumble Dry LOW HEAT


COOL iron

Cleaning Tip: Pre-soak the jerseys separately (use hot water to dissolve the powder then add cold water so water is no more than lukewarm to cool before adding jersey). Scrubbing black/puck marks with a pre-treatment such as Resolve or Sunlight Bar Soap and a soft toothbrush works to remove these stubborn stains that will not come out with just regular machine washing.

Here are some before and after pictures of a TWHA game jersey that was worn for a full season by a Midget body checking player.

Before cleaning:

After cleaning:

Please use these pictures as a reference to what your TWHA Game Jersey should look like when it is returned. Normal wear and tear is expected but no rips, tears, snags, stains or puck marks will be accepted.



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