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Please reach out to the TWHA Managers Coordinator if you have any questions or need clarification on the information listed here.

Corporate Donations

Many companies donate funds on behalf of parents to sports organizations like Trails West Hockey Association.  These funds are usually remitted directly to Trails West.  Trails West will then re-direct the funds to the team in which the parent's child belongs to.

If a team receives a corporate donation on behalf of a team parent during the season, please ensure the following steps are carried out to ensure timely payment to your team:

  1. Cheque must be made payable to Trails West Hockey Association or TWHA. It should be mailed to the attention of the Administrator.
  2. Send an email to the Administrator at and the Treasurer at with the following details:
    • Amount to be received
    • Name of parent
    • Name of team receiving the funds
    • Name of individual or team to which the replacement cheque is to be made out to (ie. team treasurer)
    • Address to which the replacement cheque is to be mailed to
  3. The team who is receiving the donation is responsible for ensuring all funds received as part of a corporate donation program are used according to the donation rules of the corporation.  TWHA assumes no responsibility for ensuring funds are used accordingly unless said funds are given directly to TWHA for the association's use only.
  4. All corporate donation funds must be received by TWHA no later than February 1 to be issued to a team for the current season.  Funds received after this date will either be returned to the corporation or deposited and held for distribution to the parent's team for the next season.

Note: If the corporate donation will be paid to TWHA via a third party such as Benevity, there will be additional processing time for the funds to be disbursed to TWHA from the date the corporate donation was approved.

Teams should not spend corporate donation funds until they have been received by TWHA and re-issued to the team.

TWHA Team Donation letter (2022)

Hockey Canada

Player Medical Information Sheet  / (PDF fillable version)

Player/Team Injury Log

Emergency Action Plan (for team's Safety person - steps when a player is down)

Insurance Injury Report (Hockey Alberta)

Obtain an Insurance Certificate (Hockey Alberta)

Insurance Brochure - information

Hockey Equipment Fitting video



TWHA Logo Requests

All team requests for the TWHA logo must be submitted to the TWHA Apparel Coordinator

Please include with your request, your team name, what item you are requesting the logo to be printed on, for what purpose/date and who will be providing the print service. It is asked that all teams provide the TWHA Apparel Coordinator a picture of the finished product.


Hockey Alberta tournament listings

2022-23 Central Region Rates for Hockey Calgary

2022-23 Hockey Alberta Officials Rates

Hockey Calgary - Tournament Information

Hockey Calgary Tournament Policy

IMPORTANT: Teams are permitted one Hockey Calgary Scheduling Window during the regular season - there are no scheduling windows permitted during the seeding round

Team Raffle/Pull Tickets

Teams must apply for an AGLC license of their own should they wish to host a raffle or sell pull tickets. Note that it is very important that teams adhere to the financial reporting requirements of the license as it may affect Trails West's AGLC license for our casino should a team be in default of this reporting.

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Licenses