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Third Party Programs

more coming in the 2022-2023 season!

TWHA Player Development Sessions

TWHA Coach Development provides members opportunities to experience third party hockey instruction throughout the season. Players must be registered with TWHA for the current hockey season to register for these sessions.

U7 to U11

Kevin Cameron

U13 to U18 

Joel Domansky


Dustin Rodger

Questions concerning the technical aspects of the sessions, should be directed to the applicable individual from Coach Development noted above.

Questions concerning registration, should be directed to the TWHA Administrator at

Upcoming Sessions

stay tuned for 2022-2023 sessions

Past Sessions

TWHA Goaltending Development and TWHA Coach Development provided the following sessions in the 2021-2022 season.

Introduction to Goaltending Session for U9 and U7

Forward & Defense Skills

Player Skill Development

Power Skating

Hockey Calgary Programs

What It Takes is a series of virtual, moderated panel conversations with the coaches and leaders themselves. Coaches and leaders at various levels will provide insights for aspiring hockey players on the attributes, characteristics, and skills seen at their levels. Discussions will take a deep dive into preparation, success, and finding out, What It Takes.

Each installment will be applicable to all ages and we recommend tuning into to each session as insights will vary and may be slightly targeted for the most applicable age groups based on the ages categories of the panellists. The Female Hockey Edition will feature a more broad conversation as the panellists are both coaches, players, leaders, and extend across multiple levels. The series is free of charge and will take place via zoom.

Stay tuned for new sessions!

Hockey Alberta Skills Camps

Alberta Built Skill Development Camps, powered by Hockey Alberta, will focus on enhancing the skills that your athlete learned during the 2021-22 minor hockey season. Hockey Alberta will be hosting multiple skills camps for all boys and girls in the U7, U9, U11, U13, and U15 age levels. Spots are limited, so register today! 

Click here to be taken to the Hockey Alberta website for a list of all camps offered.

  • All camps will be held in sport and recreation facilities in Calgary that place a high emphasis on cleanliness, and are compliant with the City of Calgary vaccination passport bylaw.
  • Camps are easily accessible for Calgary residents as they are reachable by major thoroughfares in the city, and are located near the edge of the city for easy access by families travelling in from rural Alberta.
For more information, please contact:

Darcy Steen

Hockey Tips

How to Dress Your Goalie.



Below are 2 video examples of some of the most commonly executed shots used in today's NHL. Gone are the days of the big old slap shot and the wrist shot. In today's game things happen faster than ever so there are some major considerations for producing offence and shot mechanics
  1. Release time - The faster we can get the puck off of our stick without allowing the goalie to react the more likely you are of scoring. It isn't all about how hard you can shoot but more how fast and how accurate.
  2. Deception - Let's face it, goalies are getting extremely talented and with the added bulkiness of gear (as well as the average NHL goalie being above 6'2) scoring goals from shots directly on net is a challenge. The reason why players like Matthews are able to score is because has a unique release as well as plenty of deception in his shooting
Here is a video break down of quick release shooting mechanics as well as a look at Matthews, now classic Toe Drag Shot. These videos will help you understand how your lower body transfers energy to the upper body to create power, torque, and deception
Quick Release Shooting
Toe Drag Shooting
Scoring Is All About Percentages
Having a sense of confidence with the puck comes from making sound decisions. In order to score more goals, we have to see where majority of the goals are being scored from. It should be absolutely no surprise that majority of the goals are scored... You guessed it! IN FRONT OF THE NET! However, when you look a little deeper there are some interesting statistics in just how much being in front of the net really matters.
Here is a photo highlighting different scoring zones in the NHL season from 2019-2020. This study concluded over 4000 some NHL goals scored that season and not only where they scored but what type of shots were used, was it directly in or tipped?, was there a rebound?, did the puck move laterally? etc. With this extensive data we are able to see how effective goal scorers and high producing teams put the puck in the back of the net.
High Slot East and West - 13% of goals within this range 
Dead Slot - 20% of goals scored from this range 
Dangerous Shot Zone or IN FRONT OF THE NET - 56% of shots scored from this zone 
Now these numbers may or may not be a surprise to you, but what is most interesting is of these percentages majority came from lateral puck movement first ie - Cross ice pass to a shot, or off of second and third scoring opportunities.
What does this tell us? That in order to score in today's NHL you need to get the goalie moving side to side or you need to create second and third scoring opportunities ie shoot for rebounds, point shots, or net front jams and scrambles.