Date: October 26, 2020

To: Hockey Calgary Membership

From: Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director, Hockey Calgary

On Friday October 23, Hockey Calgary received communication and video regarding a dressing room incident that occurred this past week within one of our Associations. This video was disturbing and the actions of this group of individuals is not acceptable within the hockey environment. As an organization we do not tolerate violent and dangerous behaviour, and we have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying, hazing and any physical acts that may cause harm to another participant whether it is consensual or not.

Upon receiving this information Hockey Calgary in partnership with our member Association moved quickly to investigate and determine all relevant details surrounding this incident. The investigation is ongoing, and all players and coaches involved have had their playing privileges suspended until the investigation is concluded. Hockey Calgary Game and Conduct is also involved, in conjunction with Game and Conduct from the member Association.

We are in difficult times as organizations as we try to operate in the pandemic environment, but there is no excuse to ignore the safety of our athletes in and around the dressing room. At this time I want to provide a reminder of dressing room responsibilities in place for our coaches, managers and players, as communicated in the Hockey Calgary Regulation Book:

Dressing Room Supervision

The Head Coach will be responsible to ensure there is at least one (1) and preferably two (2) responsible adults monitoring the team dressing room before and after each ice time. They will endeavor to prevent disorderly conduct, bullying, and vandalism in any form. These adults may be any team official or adult selected by the Head Coach or team manager. Failure to comply with this supervision may result in the suspension of the Head Coach for a period of at least one (1) game. Any adult found complicit with any undesirable activity will be suspended for a period of at least one (1) year.

This incident is unacceptable, and we must do our best to learn from it and use it as an opportunity to educate others. If appropriate I encourage you to discuss these actions with your athlete, and reinforce the Hockey Calgary core values of safety and respect toward all participants.