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Date: April 19, 2022

To: HC Member Associations, HC Members

From: Kevin Kobelka (Executive Director Hockey Calgary)

CC: Hockey Calgary Board of Directors, Hockey Calgary Elite Council

Re: Elite Changes Effective 2022-2023 Season

In the continuing effort to maintain the strength of the overall Elite Hockey Program offering within Calgary and across the province Hockey Calgary is pleased to announce the following changes for the 2022-2023 hockey season.

1. Transition of the U16 AAA program to U17 AAA

a. This decision was made by Hockey Alberta and the AEHL

b. This decision does not affect the # of teams within Calgary at the AAA level, it only creates a ‘2 year’ age category for the U17 AAA division of play

c. The 4 Calgary teams will continue to play in the U17 AAA division of the AEHL

d. Please see Hockey Alberta Announcement by clicking HERE

2. Change of Structure in the U16 AA Pilot Program (launched in 2021-22)

a. The current U16 AA pilot program that operated in 2021-22 will be reduced from 8 to 4 teams, with each elite association operating 1 team

b. This move returns HC to the same # of elite teams that were operated in the 2020-21 season at the U18 Age Category

i. 2020-21: 1 U18 AAA, 2 U16 AAA, 2 U18 AA – Total 5 teams

ii. 2021-22: 1 U18 AAA, 1 U16 AAA, 2 U16 AA, 2 U18 AA – Total 6 teams

iii. 2022-23: 1 U18 AAA, 1U17 AAA, 1 U16 AA, 2 U18 AA – Total 5 teams

c. The U16 AA league will continue as a ‘pilot’ for the 2022-23 season and will operate in partnership with the SCAHL

d. Please note that players will be eligible for the following teams:

i. 17 year old players – U18 AAA & U18 AA

ii. 16 year old players – U18 AAA, U17 AAA & U18 AA

iii. 15 year old players – U18 AAA, U17 AAA, U18 AA & U16 AA

e. League format and structure are still TBD

3. Boundary Changes

a. Over the past few months, Hockey Calgary has engaged the Elite member associations executives in reviewing the Elite hockey association boundaries within the City of Calgary. The Committee looked at the following key pieces of data before making their decision:

i. Player Registration

ii. Association Competitive Performance (all AAA & AA leagues)

iii. Growth Potential (Review of new communities)

iv. Time & Travel Considerations

b. After reviewing the data with the 4 Elite Hockey Associations within Calgary it has been determined that only minor changes are required at this time. The changes are as follows:

Effective 2022-2023 Hockey Playing Season

• All Kingsland community players will be designated to the Calgary Royals Athletic Association (CRAA) for Elite hockey try out.

• All Silverado community players will be designated to the Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association (CBHA) for Elite hockey try out.


Below are the details regarding grandfathering as they pertain to the 2022 boundary modification:

• Any Silverado player who played on an ‘active roster’ with CRAA in the 2021-2022 season has the option to remain with CRAA.

• Any Kingsland player who played on an ‘active roster’ with CBHA during the 2021-2022 season has the option to remain with CBHA

• If an eligible player wishes to opt for the new designated association, it must be declared prior to June 15, 2022. (NOTE: these families will be contacted directly by HC)

• Any player who has not asked to be transferred to the new designated Elite association by the above deadline will be deemed to have declared the existing association as their designated association.

• This is a one-time declaration; players may not move Elite associations and then return to the previous Elite association

Change is not easy, but necessary in an ever-evolving city such as Calgary. Hockey Calgary will continue to do our best to adapt to the needs of our membership to ensure all programs can put competitive teams on the ice.

We appreciate and thank all the association executives who have provided valuable feedback and engaged with HC throughout this process. Our goal is to move forward with a plan that will positively impact the overall Elite Hockey program and have the greatest benefit for our players.


Kevin Kobelka

Executive Director, Hockey Calgary