March 17, 2020 – Hockey Calgary

Last week Hockey Canada officially cancelled the 2019-20 playing season. At that time Hockey Calgary suspended the Subway City Championships and delayed the decision on whether to declare a champion in each division of play.

After some consideration we determined that it was important to celebrate the success of those teams who had performed at a high level throughout the Subway City Champions to date. Furthermore, a great deal of investment had gone into ‘Dated’ Championship Hats and Medals that could not be used in future years, and we did not want to see these items go to waste.

Once we determined that it was necessary to declare a champion for 19-20, the decision was made to declare the ‘A’ side finalist in all Community Divisions (excluding Midget AA, Jr. B and Jr. C), as the Subway City Champion. The rationale for this decision is as follows:

– Subway City Champion is based on Playoff performance
– Teams on the ‘A’ side did NOT lose a playoff game prior to cancellation
– 44 of 47 ‘A’ side finalists had been determined
– The 3 divisions not declared will be co-champions, as neither team lost a playoff game
– On the B side only 8 finalists had been declared, so there was 2 or more teams still vying to make it to the final game

Please join me in congratulating the ‘Community Champions’ for an abbreviated 2020 Subway City Championship event, a full list of winners and finalists is attached. I would also like to acknowledge the success of those teams who were still competing on the ‘B’ Side of the bracket, these teams should also be proud of their achievements.

Midget AA, Jr. B and Jr. C play under a different Playoff format therefore a different rationale was used. Champions for these divisions will be communicated directly to those programs involved.

Hockey Calgary staff are working quickly to determine the best way to distribute the Championship Hats and Gold medals. More information on this will be provided to those teams involved in the coming days.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support. It was not an easy decision, but one we feel is best under the current circumstances.

Kevin Kobelka
Executive Director

Click here for a PDF of the official Hockey Calgary Bulletin #20-05

Click here for a PDF of the official Hockey Calgary Community Subway City Champion List 2020