Hockey Calgary Information Bulletin #22-03

Date: March 1, 2022

To: HC Members & Member Associations

From: Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director

CC: HC Board, HC Governors

SUBJECT: Hockey Calgary Masking Update

Effective today, March 1, 2022, the Province of Alberta has entered into ‘Step 2’ of their plan for easing measures surrounding Covid-19. At this same time the City of Calgary has made the decision to align the Calgary bylaws with the provincial decision. Please see link below:

COVID-19 public health actions |

Hockey Calgary does not own or operate any of the arena facilities in our community, and as we have done through the full pandemic, we will continue to honour the individual restrictions of the facility. If a particular facility chooses to keep the ‘Masking Restriction’ in place the Hockey Calgary families will be required to meet their requirement. See arena restrictions below:

Unless otherwise required by a specific facility, the Hockey Calgary expectations for the remainder of the playoffs are as follows:

  • Masking requirements within sport facilities have been removed as per the Province of Alberta and the City of Calgary o Athletes are no longer required to wear masks, but are free to do so
  • Coaches are no longer required to wear masks (on or off the ice), but are free to do so
  • Spectators are no longer required to wear masks, but are free to do so

As government protections ease, this is a reminder that the responsibility for staying healthy remains a personal one. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell and we support and respect the personal decision to continue to wear a mask if you choose to do so.

We would like to thank all Associations, families, volunteers, and athletes for their support throughout the season as we have navigated some very difficult times. The commitment to following the protocols has enabled us to keep the kids on the ice for this season. We look forward to some exciting playoff action to culminate this unorthodox and challenging year.

At this time, we would also like provide a couple of reminders for all fans and participants as we head into a very emotional time of the year:

  • Respect the choice of those individuals who choose to continue to wear a mask
  • Cheer loudly, but do so in a positive manner
  • Support your team, but do not demean your opponents
  • Officiating is difficult, please be supportive, they are doing their best
  • Have fun!!!!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the rink, and to once again see the smiles on the faces that we have not seen in a very long time!!


Kevin Kobelka

Executive Director, Hockey Calgary