Date: Feb 15, 2023

To: Hockey Calgary Member Association Families

From: Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director

CC: HC Board, HC Governors, Association Presidents

SUBJECT: Boundary Review Update

In Hockey Calgary’s most recent bulletin of February 1, 2023, we made mention of the ongoing work being done to review ‘Community Boundaries’, see excerpt from this bulletin below:

1. Community Boundary Review – In April of 2020 we finalized boundaries for most of the city and left the NW corner as a project that needed to be worked on in the 20-21 season. As everyone is aware, Covid struck, and we were forced to delay that plan. We have picked it up again this year and since November of 2022 a sub-committee made up of the Presidents of 7 Associations have been working together on a resolution for North Calgary.

The decision will be made by the full group of Association Presidents and finalized early this spring for implementation this fall. This is an emotional discussion with many differing opinions. The goal is to find a solution that is best for the ‘full hockey community’, and not just one association or another.

It appears this communication has created further questions, so we thought it best to further communicate and share the overall process:

  1. Boundaries of ‘Member Associations’ are approved and ratified by the Hockey Calgary Board of Directors based on recommendations made by the Operations Committee (Presidents of all Member Associations) in collaboration with the Hockey Calgary staff.
  2. Hockey Calgary has a Membership Policy in place (that was approved and supported by the Member Associations) that outlines the process for boundary review.
  3. Hockey Calgary has an ‘Enrollment Standard’ for Community Associations that must be maintained. When an Association falls outside of this standard it signifies that a boundary review is necessary.
  1. This year (2022-23) one Member Association fell outside this standard, with two other Associations coming very close.
  2. Since early November, a sub-committee made up of Presidents of 7 Associations have been reviewing information to find a suitable solution.
  3. The Presidents & Executive Board Members of each Association are wellaware of the process and have remained informed along the way.
  4. Presidents & Executive Board Members of the Member Associations areelected by the membership to represent the interests of all members. They are knowledgeable about the interests of each individual Association and share the viewpoints of their membership to the committee. When it comes time to make a decision each President will represent their membership.

At this point and time no final decisions have been made, the Operations Committee is working quickly to assess all options and make a decision in the best interest of the full Hockey Calgary program. As soon as a decision is made it will be communicated to the full membership, we expect this to be some time in mid-March, which will enable the Member Associations and families to prepare for the 2023-24 season.

History tells us that this is not an easy process, and that any decision made (including not doing anything at all) will affect families in different ways. The collective group of Presidents are doing their best to ensure the long-time viability of our program and ensure that all players can participate in a similar playing experience from year to year, no matter what Association you belong to.

We thank you in advance for your support of this process and the upcoming decisions that need to be made. At this time we would also like to wish all athletes and families good luck as they prepare for City Championships.


Kevin Kobelka Executive Director

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