January 14, 2022 – This year we embarked on Esso Minor Hockey Week after a one-year absence from the event. It was incredibly difficult to not participate last year, as it is a minor hockey institution and a fun event to liven up early January of all of us. Despite some uncertainty, we were committed to having this event for the benefit of our athletes. Even though some of our players were unable to compete this year due to illness, the event has been a success and I hope it has served in returning our kids to a place where they can compete, achieve, and celebrate.

The finals are all set now, and we are incredibly proud of the performance for all our Trails West teams, players, and coaches. Trails West placed teams in twenty-six (26) of the U11 and up divisions as well as all four U9 divisions. We have finalists in fourteen (14) of those 26 divisions, including an all-Trails West final in U13 South! All the teams playing in EMHW finals on Saturday, January 15 as listed below. Please join us in celebrating all our accomplishments, for those in the finals and all the others who gave it their all.

U11 – 1 vs Southwest 1 FINAL vs at Seton Rink A 7:00pm
U11 – 3 White vs Bow Valley 3 FINAL at Seton Rink A 5:30pm
U13 – 2 Red vs Knights 2 Grey FINAL at Frank McCool 6:45pm
U13 – 3 Red vs 3 White FINAL at Frank McCool 5:00pm
U13 – 5 Red vs Girls Hockey A Gold at Frank McCool 1:30pm
U13 – 6 White vs Bow Valley 6 at Frank McCool 11:45am
U15 – BC3 Red vs Bow Valley 3 Black at Great Plains Rink 2 1:45pm
U15 – NBC3 vs McKnight 3 at Great Plains Rink 1 3:45pm
U15 – NBC4 vs Crowfoot 3 at Great Plains Rink 1 2:00pm
U18 – BC2 vs McKnight 2 at Flames Community Gold 4:45pm
U18 – BC3 Red vs Blackfoot 2 at Flames Community Gold 3:00pm
U18 – NBC1 White vs Bow River 1 at Flames Community Blue 8:30pm
U18 – NBC3 vs Saints 1 at Flames Community Red 5:45pm
Junior C vs Springbank at Stu Peppard 8:00pm

-Mark Sawyer, TWHA President

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