Date: October 21, 2021 #21-12

To: Hockey Calgary Member Association Families

From: Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director CC: HC Board, HC Governors, Association Presidents

SUBJECT: Welcome Back to the 21-22 Hockey Season!!

Welcome to the 2021-22 hockey season. After over a year absence from an official minor hockey league season we are extremely excited to be kicking off the Community Seeding round this coming weekend.

Over the course of the last few weeks the Member Associations have worked extremely hard in partnership with their volunteer networks to sort players into appropriate levels and teams. This is not an easy task, and one which has been made even more difficult in a pandemic environment. We want to thank everyone for their support through this process and wish all teams good luck in the upcoming season.

We are excited to head to the arena this weekend, but as we do so we wanted to provide a few reminders so that all participants, coaches, volunteers, and fans can enjoy watching their family and friends.

  1. Follow all Facility Requirements – Wearing of masks and proof of vaccination for 12+ is a requirement at all arenas inside the city limits as per the City of Calgary bylaw. Hockey Calgary and our Member Associations do not own or operate these facilities. Please honor these restrictions so that we can maintain our booking privileges and keep hockey operating this season.
  2. Cheer Positively – Please show respect to your team and the opposition. The athletes are young and will make mistakes along the way. Support good plays on both teams and enjoy the ‘live’ hockey action.
  3. Officiating – The year absence has created some challenges to the officiating network, we have lost officials who have chosen not to return after a year’s absence, and we lost a crop of new officials by not operating in 20-21. This has reduced the number of active officials significantly early in the season. Much like the players many of these officials are still learning and will make mistakes. Please be patient and show your support, officials are integral to our hockey program, and we cannot operate without them.

On behalf of the Hockey Calgary staff, our Board of Directors, and our army of great volunteers we want to wish all players, coaches, teams, and Associations good luck this hockey season. It has been far too long since you had the opportunity to spend time at the rink, hang out with your friends, and compete against your rivals. We look forward to seeing the smiles on everyone’s face when you hit the ice this weekend. Good Luck to all, and remember we are all winners when we have respect for our competition and play for the love of the game!!


Kevin Kobelka

Executive Director

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