Date: October 14, 2020

To: Hockey Calgary Membership

From: Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director

CC: HC Board, HC Member Associations, HC Governors

SUBJECT: Competition Season Update

In the most recent Hockey Alberta ‘Return to Hockey’ announcement dated October 2, 2020 it was communicated that Community Hockey could move into more formal team formation and game play earlier than originally planned. Following this decision, Hockey Calgary in partnership with our ‘Member Associations’, reviewed the information to determine what was the best plan for the Hockey Calgary leagues.

Based on these discussions we are pleased to announce that the projected start date for Community Hockey Leagues will be December 1, 2020. The current ‘Development Season’ that is operating today will remain as is for the next month as we transition to more formal (traditional) teams. Member Associations are currently building plans to make this transition happen.

This plan does not mean restrictions are lifted, the season will look different. Hockey Calgary will continue to operate in accordance with the AHS guidelines and Hockey Alberta guidelines that we have been following to date.

Topline Details of the Modified Competition Season are as follows:

– Start Date – December 1, 2020

– There will be no seeding round this season

– This plan assumes cohort sizes will remain at 50 for the remainder of the season

– There will be 4 – three week cycles to the season plus a playoff cycle (TBD)

– In each cycle teams will be partnered with another team in their division thus forming a ‘Competition Cohort’

– In each of these cycles teams will play 3 games versus each other in a 1 week period (only 2 games per cycle for U9 age category)

– Those teams will then practice (develop) for a 2 week period in isolation of each other, thus dissolving the competition cohort

– Teams will then be provided another partner team for the next cycle, basically a new competition cohort for the next period

At this time we continue to work out the details, and we will revise the Hockey Calgary ‘Return to Hockey’ plan with more information in the coming days.

This plan only works if we continue to be diligent with the safety protocols put in place by the Associations and the facilities. Please ensure that you are following them so that we can maintain a safe playing environment for the remainder of the season.

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