Hockey Calgary Board of Directors has approved a ‘Mask Requirement’ for all Hockey Calgary programs and member Associations effective August 27, 2021.  These are difficult times and Hockey Calgary believes that safety of our players, coaches, officials and volunteers is of the utmost importance.  65% of our participants are under 12 and cannot be vaccinated, so we felt it was important to align with the school boards and require an indoor mask requirement.  We believe that a ‘Mask Requirement’ is a small inconvenience that will provide some extra safety and allow us to play a full hockey season in the 2021-22 year.

Click here for the Announcement including a one page summary of requirements.

Click here for the more detailed Return to Play document which is also a link within the announcement.

At this time there are no further restrictions to our program.  The goal is to operate as normal with the exception of the mask guideline.  As requested we have put a date of September 27 to review and make a decision on the path forward from here.

I thank you in advance for your support and commitment to these requirements.


Kevin Kobelka
Executive Director, Hockey Calgary