Hockey Calgary’s website: Covid-19 Update

April 1 

Hockey Calgary understands and shares the disappointment that every hockey player, family, fan, is feeling right now.  As a passionate hockey community we need to stay positive during this time of challenge and help lift each other up.  Over the past couple of years Hockey Calgary has focused on developing leadership skills of our youth, we our proud of these initiatives and are hopeful that some of these skills are benefitting them now.  At times like this we truly see the value of this and having strong leadership to guide us through the challenges we face.

At this point there are still more questions than answers.  Following Hockey Alberta’s lead, we are planning for next season as usual and will adapt appropriately should it become necessary.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented time.


We will ‘Drop the Puck’ again!!

March 13 2:00PM – Click here to read Hockey Calgary’s Information Bulletin #20-04. Key points:

  • Hockey Calgary’s 2019-2020 playoffs are cancelled and will not re-start at a later date.
  • Hockey Calgary is requesting that year end parties are cancelled based on information from Alberta Health Services. No post-season skates under Association branding is permitted at all.
  • Playoff Champions – no decision has been made at this time whether to declare playoff champions. It will be reviewed in the coming week.

March 12 8:00PM – Following Hockey Canada’s announcement, Hockey Alberta/ Hockey Calgary have announced that as of tomorrow, Friday, March 13, 2020, all registered teams in the Hockey Canada program will not be permitted to participate in practice, play games, or attend tournaments for the remainder of the season.  This includes all provincial and regional championships which will be cancelled.

March 12 – Hockey Calgary has issued an updated Information Bulletin #2003. Click here to read the full bulletin.

Key points:

  • Hockey Calgary will release daily updates, target noon each day
  • Playoff Games for Thursday March 12 will proceed as scheduled
  • Timbits Jamboree is cancelled, it was our only ‘Mass Gathering’
  • Tournaments may proceed, but new updates will be provided each day

March 9 – Hockey Alberta has issued an updated Alert Bulletin #19-02 regarding the Coronavirus and Hockey Alberta events. Please click here to read the full alert bulletin.

March 5 – Hockey Calgary Information Bulletin #2002. Click here to read the full information bulletin.

January 31 – Hockey Canada Alert Bulletin #19-01 Click here to read the Bulletin regarding the Coronavirus and what recommendations should be considered during the hockey season.