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Date: June 28, 2022 #22-04 

To: HC Members & Member Associations 

From: Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director 

CC: HC Board, HC Governors 

SUBJECT: U11 Hockey Alberta Development Pilot (U11 HADP) 

Further to the Hockey Alberta Bulletin on June 7, 2022 regarding the U11 HADP, we wanted to clarify how this small change will affect Hockey Calgary programming at this age category. 

For the 2022-23 season, Hockey Alberta, in collaboration with the minor ‘tiered’ hockey Leagues in Alberta will be operating a U11 HADP program that implements an amended hosting structure, player movement rules and coach and player development standards for the top level of U11 in the province. 

The majority of the changes have little impact on Hockey Calgary and largely impact ‘rural’ Alberta based leagues and MHA’s. 

What does this mean for Hockey Calgary? 

  • • Hockey Calgary will continue to operate six U11 levels or tiers of Hockey (HADP, followed by Tiers 1-5) – The HADP league essentially replaces Tier 1 from the 2021-22 season. 
  • • The U11 HADP Teams will be operated by Hockey Calgary’s community hockey member associations (ex. Trails West), not the elite Hockey Associations. 
  • • Hockey Calgary will follow the Alberta One Standardized and the Hockey Calgary Tiering grids pertaining to the number of teams at each level of U11. 
  • • All registered U11 players will be eligible to play on an HADP team – team formation will be done by each association through their evaluation process. Players do not need to formally indicate their intent to ‘try-out’. 
  • • The U11 HADP league will not play a seeding round (no team can move in or out of the league once the season has started). 
  • • The HADP league will run as a ‘city-wide’ league, while tiers 1-5 will remain split into ‘North’ and ‘South’ divisions to reduce travel for Hockey Calgary participants. 
  • • Player Movement – Within Hockey Calgary, each community program will operate at least 1 HADP team, therefore, Hockey Calgary’s specific player movement regulations will remain in effect. Players within Calgary will be required to register with their defined Community Hockey Association. Furthermore, Hockey Calgary will not be accepting players from outside our defined boundaries as registered with Hockey Alberta. 

The outcome of this pilot is to identify the best overall structure for the top level of U11 and to ensure alignment and progression from the levels beneath it as well as up to the levels above it. Principles of “Long Term Athlete Development” will be adhered to within all recommendations. 

Hockey Calgary is committed to continuous improvement to giving our members the best hockey experience with a focus on development, safety, and fun! We hope everyone enjoys a relaxing summer and we look forward to seeing everyone at the rink in the fall! 


Kevin Kobelka 

Executive Director – Hockey Calgary