Hockey Calgary has released Information Bulletin #22-01 concerning the following:

  • EMHW Congratulations
  • BC Tournament Restriction Extension to Feb. 16
  • Hockey Calgary plan until end of Regular Season

Click here for the PDF version of the Hockey Calgary Bulletin #22-01

Date: January 19, 2022 #22-01

To: HC Members & Member Associations

From: Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director

CC: HC Board, HC Governors

SUBJECT: Hockey Calgary Jan-Feb Update

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all players, coaches, officials, volunteers, and fans on their support of Esso Minor Hockey Week. We were extremely excited to be able to host the event again after a 1-year absence, and it was great to see the enthusiasm in the arena and the smiles on all the players faces. I would like to congratulate the 53 new EMHW Champions on their accomplishment, and I must acknowledge that everyone is a winner if they left it all on the ice and played with passion and the respect of their competition.

We are now moving into the final phase of our season, and we continue to operate in a pandemic environment. If we hope to complete the season, I ask that everyone be mindful of the restrictions and continue to follow them. The policies and protocols are not meant to be a hinderance to anyone, but they are in place to best protect all our athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers.

Since our last update on Dec. 31, there has been no additional restrictions implemented by the government of Alberta with regards to youth sport. Unfortunately, the government of BC has extended their health restrictions until Feb. 16, this means that tournaments are NOT permitted in the province of BC. Please see below highlights of the HC plans through until the end of the ‘Regular Season’ (Feb. 21), we will continue under these guidelines unless there are any further updates.

The Hockey Calgary plans for the remainder of the ‘Regular Season’ (Feb. 21) are as follows:

• All league games will operate as scheduled

• The new game cancellation policy implemented on Dec. 31, will continue to be followed for the remainder of the 2021-22 Regular Season (see link)

• At this time tournaments in Alberta are still permitted and can operate, we encourage tournament organizers to be cognizant of all health restrictions in place

NEW – All BC Tournament Sanctions up until Feb. 16 will be cancelled

• Masking requirements will be maintained and will be strictly enforced, we ask that all HC families read the following page, and be 100% compliant to these rules

Hockey Calgary will continue to ensure that we put the safety of the athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers at the forefront as we prepare to play the remainder of the hockey season. We know these are challenging times and we ask that all families be respectful of the policies in place. If we work together, we can ensure the athletes can continue to participate.

Thank you in advance for your support of this updated plan of action.


Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director

Mask Requirement

Updated December 31, 2021

With the increase in Covid-19 cases due to the highly contagious Omicron variant we wanted to remind all Hockey Calgary families of the importance of the mask requirements in helping to protect your safety. Many of these requirements were put in place in late August but over the course of the last 4 months we have noticed a reduction in compliance to these restrictions. For your safety and the safety of others we ask that we all focus on compliance to help ensure the continuation of the hockey season. These requirements will remain in place for the remainder of the season, or until there is a relaxation in restrictions from the government.

Details are as follows:

• PLAYERS – Players are required to wear masks upon entering the arena and in dressing room area. Players should remove their masks only immediately prior to putting on their helmet and entering onto the ice surface.

• COACHES & BENCH STAFF – All coaches and team staff are required to wear a mask at all times while on and off the ice. This includes the dressing room area, and the player’s bench. Referees have been directed to stop the game and ask coaches to put on a mask or leave the bench if they fail to follow the mask requirement. NEW: Coaches must also wear a mask at all times when on the ice during practice time.

• VOLUNTEERS – All volunteers and minor officials are required to wear a mask in and around the direct playing area, in the timekeeper/penalty box area, and when in close contact with any player, coach or official.

• OFFICIALS – All Officials are required to wear a mask upon entering the arena, and in the dressing room area. Officials should remove their masks only immediately prior to putting on their helmet and entering onto the ice surface.

• FANS (PARENTS) – Masks are required in the dressing room area, player’s bench, penalty boxes, and timekeeper’s box. In all other areas of the facility spectators MUST follow the protocols as laid out by the individual facilities.


Trails West would like to remind our families that it is vital for the health and safety of all Hockey Calgary players, coaches, officials and volunteers that our members remain vigilant in following all COVID protocols and restrictions that are in place. These include:

Thank you for doing your part to keep our members safe and healthy so hockey may continue for the remainder of the season!