Based on the recent announcements by the Government of Alberta, Hockey Alberta has updated its 2021-2022 Season Plan that outlines the minimum standards for Hockey Alberta’s Members to undertake hockey activities this season.

The updated plan reflects CMOH Public Health Orders 44-2021 and 45-2021, and the implementation of the Restrictions Exemption Program.

The updated 2021-2022 Season Plan (current as of September 29) is enclosed with this Bulletin. The Plan and its appendices, along with other announcements and documents pertaining to COVID-19 and hockey in Alberta can be reviewed on the Hockey Alberta website:

Please note that this updated Season Plan focuses on Minor Hockey (youth sport, 17 years and under). A separate Season Plan document has been created for Junior and Senior Hockey (adult sport, 18 years and over). It is also posted on the Hockey Alberta website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Hockey Alberta,


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