Guidelines & Information for 2020-2021 Season

Temporary Pause on Hockey continues to January 21, 2021

As noted in the document dated January 8, 2021, Hockey Calgary Info Bulletin - Alberta Government/AHS Announcement Jan 7, all Hockey Calgary and Member Association events continue to be paused, this includes all practices, games and any activity associated with your team (cohort) both on and off the ice. Virtual team activities are allowed and encouraged.

To put it more clearly, this pause in hockey team activities includes the following:
• No practices
• No games
• No off-ice sessions (unless virtual)
• No team dryland training (unless virtual)
• No team building (unless virtual)
• No skills sessions
• No outdoor practice sessions (team organized)

Cancellation of all team associated events is mandatory and in effect until current restrictions are lifted. 

It is Hockey Calgary's intention to fully return to play once restrictions are lifted by the government.

A reminder to teams that under the current Hockey Calgary Return to Play guidelines as of October 29, (see page 12), teams are not permitted to travel outside the City of Calgary unless the ice is booked by the association and approved by Hockey Calgary.

As per the Hockey Alberta Information Bulletin 20-07 , any teams that try to circumvent the pause by holding practices, games or competition in an area not included in the pause may be subject to, at minimum, a fine assessed to the Member MHA, Club Team or Accredited School, and a suspension assessed to the head coach. 

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